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deansb1tch · 2 days ago
Okay hear me out! And Loki spoilers ahead so if you haven't watched the 1st episode, come again if you have.
Okay, so we all know this theory that Loki's illusion got killed in "Infinity War" by Thanos, right? (Loki himself is right-handed and his illusion is left-handed. And in this scene he used his left hand to kill Thanosb- with a butter-knife - and died. And we saw someone sneaking around in the backround)
And in the 1st episode we saw his file which showed us how his life is supposed to be and end. And according to this file, he is supposed to die because of Thanos. And with this scene the file (and his life) ends.
And we know that the TVA is hunting a variante of Loki.
So what if Loki should die but he breaks the rules in "Infinity War" and creates an illusion. Loki himself sneaks out and hides. And so Infinity-War-Loki becomes a variante and the variante the TVA is hunting in the show.
So Loki survived but he wasn't supposed to (like he escaped with his beloved Tesseract). And this means Loki broked the timeline twice.
Does this make sense?
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deansb1tch · 2 months ago
A sad Dean Winchester headcanon or whatever
When Dean was about 15 years old, he had a calendar of fire-mens in a box, hide in a closet behind the flannels because he was scared of John's reaction. Dean buyed it because he liked the men on these pictures and found them attractive.
One day, Sam found the box by an accident because he needed a flannel by Dean (all of his were dirty) and opend it. He was a little bit suprised that Dean hide something like that but Sam put it back because he knew that he wasn't supposed to find it. He never told Dean about it and asked him why he had a calendar with half-naked men in the closet.
But one day (Dean was at school) John went through the motel-room and found the box. Of course he opened it and saw the calendar with the fire-mens. John wasn't very happy about it and decided to complain Dean when he's home.
A few hours later, Dean came home (Sam was at the library) and saw John sitting on his bed, holding the calendar in his left hand, and a beer in the other hand. Dean was shocked because he knew that John wouldn't be happy and supportive at all. He would be hateful and hurt him. And John did. He yelled at him and hurt him and told Dean that no one is ever going to love him. No woman or man. John told Dean that he doesn't deserve love from anyone and that he should be happy if anyone would ever sleep with him or likes him. John also told Dean that he's sick and shouldn't be like this. And these words broke Dean...
After that evening, Dean went for a walk and burned the calendar (John left the motel and went to a bar). While Dean was watching the calendar burning, he thought about the words, John have said to him. That he doesn't deserve love. It hurts him but Dean thinks that he's right. Dean thinks that he's an awful son and an awful person in general.
When he grew up, he never really wanted a realitionship with anyone because he thinks that he doesn't deserve it.
And in 15x18 he finally realised that he deserves love. Dean never thought that Cas would love him but after his confession, he realised that he is loved and that he's worthy. Dean realised that there is someone who loves him. But Cas died, before Dean could say that he feels the same and that he loves him. Dean lost the love of his life in that night, and he didn't get the chance to tell Cas that he loves him as well. Dean finally accepted that he is worthy and he deserves love
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deansb1tch · 3 months ago
Reblog if you've ever read a fic that was better than published books
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