words i’ll never really say
the words that spills from my mind at 2 in the morning in the form of poetry.
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daisypoet77 · 5 days ago
ok so like 900 people read my 3am rambling and that is insane
i love you i love you i love you i love you
you’re the best
did i mention that i’m totally and completely in love with you?? cause i am!!
thank u so so so so so much
stream fearless taylor’s version tonight and cry with meeeeeee @taylorswift ily
have a good day :)) xoxoxoxoxox
lowkey when i started this account i did not ever think so many people would actually like my poetry or words and it was just supposed to be a place for me to get out my feelings, but i mean y’all have just completely made my life and i love y’all so so much!! thank you 70000 times!!!!!!
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daisypoet77 · 7 days ago
the days go on and on
sometimes that hopeless feeling
comes creeping back in.
like it’s a dark cloud
on a sunny day:
you never expect it.
and suddenly
everything becomes bad;
my mind becomes a place of sadness,
my heart is empty,
and food becomes unbearable to even look at.
it’s horrible
and it’s the line that i’ve been so far past
for so long now,
but something brought me back.
i’ll be great,
then i won’t be.
then hurting.
it happens so fast
i get whiplash
and feel paralyzed,
but unfortunately my mind stays perfectly aware
that the days go by
and life goes on
and nobody really sees it
but my world is blue.
—original poem
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daisypoet77 · 11 days ago
you make sense.
no part of missing you makes sense.
the endless thinking of you makes no sense,
the constant wishing i do at 3am—
wishing you were right there next to me—
it makes no sense to me.
but you,
oh my, you make so much sense to me.
the way you say my name,
the way you sing along to songs with me,
the accent you use to make me laugh,
it all makes so much sense.
like nothing else fits so perfectly,
your arms wrap around me so incredibly perfectly
that i can’t help but believe that i’m not meant
to be anywhere else.
and yet,
you’re 700 miles away.
that doesn’t make sense,
i still can’t figure out how it all worked out,
how right when i realized how perfect we are
you had to go away;
i miss you
and i miss how much sense you make
when you stand right in front of me.
so close i can almost touch your hand.
you make sense in a world where nothing
makes sense.
--original poem :))
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daisypoet77 · 11 days ago
do you ever just talk to the person you like right before you start doing actual work and then you can't focus anymore at all because you just keep thinking about them cause same:)) help!!
also i'm listening to @taylorswift and it's totally helping but not helping cause now all i'm doing is singing and still distracted:))
the current listen is you belong with me, but it's quickly spiraling into all too well and i'm not gonna do anything to stop it
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daisypoet77 · a month ago
you shouldn’t be fine.
you seem fine.
after all the hell you put me through
you seem fine.
totally and incredibly fine.
and i just can’t understand it;
and maybe it makes me
some horrible person
for being upset that you’re fine,
but i guess it just sucks that
i’m not fine.
i’m not fine with what happened
or the three years i spent crying every night
because you made me feel
insecure and dumb.
or the two years after that
where the so called ‘butterflies’
you once gave me
started suffocating me instead
whenever i’d see you out.
or the years i’m still spending
pretending like i’m okay with
the constant haunting of the past.
so, no. i’m not fine with you being fine.
and i’m not fine with you having
someone new to call yours.
cause really, she doesn’t know
what she’s getting herself into.
she’ll run away screaming
while i say ‘i told you so’
to everyone who knows.
i’m sorry,
but i don’t want you to be fine.
—original poem xx
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daisypoet77 · a month ago
golden hour at midnight
golden hour: the time of day when the world seems
all too perfect.
the sky turns a complex shade of oranges and reds
tied together with hues of yellow. 
so tell me why
when i think of you 
all i think about is a golden hour at midnight. 
it’s impossible. 
the sky is too dark at midnight for there to be
even a hint of yellow 
or red
or orange left over. 
so why are you shining so golden at the darkest time of night? 
maybe you’re a golden hour in my brain all the time.
that would explain a lot more.
i just hope i’m your golden hour at midnight:
the yellow shining through the cracks of darkness
that hide in your mind. 
sheltered away so nobody can see. 
i’m fine with that: 
being the shade of yellow and orange that only you can see. 
but i just wish i knew why 
you’re my golden hour at midnight. 
--original poem xx
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daisypoet77 · a month ago
800 followers wtf i’m screaming i love u
y’all are the best ever
did i mention that i love u all so much
thank you 🥺
i hope you’re all having a lovely day
i’m sending u all hugs
ur all absolutely wonderful i love u
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daisypoet77 · 2 months ago
i still don’t know what to call this feeling...
i kinda just remember getting in my car and driving away 
from the house
then realizing he was driving right behind me.
i thought he had already driven away,
but he didn’t try to pass me up when i drove too slow;
he stayed behind me the whole time until the street. 
i kinda just remember him driving past me at the light
smiling so big and waving while he turned left. i went straight. 
from there, it was just tears.
i cried the whole way home.
there was this feeling that had never really been there before,
almost like i knew it was a new feeling. 
cause i’ve felt happy, mad, sad, disappointed, 
joyful, and ecstatic,
but i had never felt that before. 
and i cried my heart out—out of happiness—
this really amazing feeling in my chest
and it just sat there as i was driving home and sobbing uncontrollably, 
listening to happy songs.
i don’t really know how to describe it 
but i still feel it
every time i think about him. 
and sometimes it makes me cry
cause i miss him a lot.
but usually it just makes me smile like i never have before
because i can’t wait to see him when he comes home. 
--original poem :)) 
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daisypoet77 · 2 months ago
i want
you don’t make me nervous. 
you make my hands shake,
but only with happiness. 
you don’t make me sad, 
just disappointed that i’m not yours. 
i want you to call me yours. 
i want you to hold me in the middle of the night, 
telling me that my bad dreams are only dreams, 
but then scaring me half to death anyway. 
i want you to memorize every silly thing 
i do subconsciously, 
and i want to do the same. 
i want to call you mine 
as you should call me yours. 
i want to wear a silver chain 
with your initial on the pendant,
so the whole world can know 
how deeply happy i am. 
i want to be yours always. 
--original poem 
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daisypoet77 · 2 months ago
3am fire
i wonder if he knows
that when he tells me all the things
he’d like to do with me,
that i’m really just thinking of you.
i’m thinking of the ways you’d hold me,
telling me there’s no one else you’d rather be with—
and when he says my name i hear it in your voice.
i wonder if he knows how guilty i feel
that for every sentence he types out
i’m sat in bed, wishing it was
your name
coming up on my screen.
at 3 in the morning, i lie awake
letting him believe
that it’s only him on my mind.
that there’s nobody else who occupies
that amount of space;
but you shine through the cracks
like a yellow incandescent and vibrant glow.
and i know i’ll have to tell him
but the last thing i want is for him to know
that from every word he says
all my mind thinks about is you.
and that fire i said was only burning for him
really belongs to somebody else.
i’m getting caught in the flames.
— original poem
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daisypoet77 · 3 months ago
hiiii lovely humans 💛 follow my insta for all my poetry!!
i hope you all have a good day <3
stay safe.
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daisypoet77 · 3 months ago
barely but a scar.
sometimes i just think about it:
how much hurt i went through
with boys,
with family,
with ‘friends’
all within my first 15 years of life.
and my life has been good:
i’ve been treated right by
the people that matter.
it just makes my brain break for a moment
when i think about how much has changed
since then.
it hasn’t been many years,
but i’ve grown up,
fallen down and picked myself up,
i’ve pulled at scabs, opening them again,
bleeding again,
so you held them tightly closed
long enough for them to scab over again
and heal, leaving barely but a scar
on my fair skin.
i found meaning in developing feelings for someone
not just a pointless crush,
but somebody i genuinely could see myself
growing old next to.
and i know there will be new cuts,
but with your help, they will scab over and heal,
leaving barely but a scar.
—original poem :))
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daisypoet77 · 4 months ago
i really like you i guess
i really like hearing your laugh
in person,
or through the phone
when you’re a little too tipsy;
i like the way you say my name
when it’s late and you’re tired
or when it’s too early to be awake.
i like the way you argue with me
just to get my reaction
and make me fight back.
(i’ve never been one for mean comments
but you bring that out of me...)
but mostly i guess i like the way
you’re somehow the best thing
that’s ever happened to me.
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daisypoet77 · 5 months ago
what would you do if your best friend told your crush that u like them and then started dating said crush
oh my gosh!! ok so i’d definitely be upset about the situation. i’m not a confrontational person at all, but this would be a time i’d for sure say something and be like ummm hi what are you doing?? i actually had a similar situation minus the friend actually telling my crush that i like him ahha but she started talking to him a lot and was being super attentiony about it. i personally didn’t have to say anything i just ignored her for a month and she got the point but if you’re going through this i’d definitely say to talk to your friend about it and nicely explain that it’s a horrible thing to do and you’re disappointed in them. i hope that helps <3
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daisypoet77 · 5 months ago
want vs. need
for the longest time, 
i honestly thought you 
were just someone i wanted;
no real feeling with it:
you’re the ‘bad boy’ 
and i’m the goody-two-shoes
that stupidly fell for you.
i was so wrong.
i don’t just want you; 
i need you
more than the oceans 
need the moon,
more than flowers 
need bees,
more than lyrics 
need a melody;
i need you 
more than i’ve ever 
needed anyone. 
i need your honesty. 
i need your stupid jokes.
i need the dirty comments
you say just to see me
blush and hit your arm.
i really just need you in my life. 
--original poem 
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daisypoet77 · 5 months ago
maybe if you paid a little bit more attention
you’d see the fakeness in my smile
whenever you talk to her,
or the light leaving my eyes
whenever you laugh at something she says.
if only if she wasn’t blinding you
with her fake attitude—
obnoxious attention seeking personality—
you’d actually see me. 
but, of course,
life has its own way of teaching us lessons
so this must be mine;
patience is what i need to learn 
patience is what’s going to eventually
bring us together someday. 
--original poem 
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daisypoet77 · 5 months ago
guys who defend you in a video game just cause someone hurt your feelings>>>>>>>>
hehe i’m happy
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daisypoet77 · 5 months ago
“I knew I did from that first moment we met. It was… not love at first sight exactly, but- familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.”
— Mhairi McFarlane
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daisypoet77 · 5 months ago
update time:))
hi y’all!! sorry i haven’t been active on here — i actually made an insta account for my poetry!! you can follow it @ galaxy_of_words77
i’ll try to post more on tumblr this week :))
so much love being sent to y’all’s
stay safe!!
wear a mask!!
i’m gonna say it again: i love u :)
have a good day/night/afternoon/middle of the night wherever you’re reading this!!
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daisypoet77 · 6 months ago
never let go
he’s that breath of fresh air 
when i walk to my car in the morning,
the songs that play on my drive to work.
he’s the smell of freshly cut grass,
and the feeling of warm coffee on a 
chilly day;
he’s the feeling of putting up a christmas tree,
then sitting next to it with a book at night;
he’s the spring rain, 
coming out of nowhere when the sun’s still out 
to keep me warm, 
he’s the breeze coming in through my windows 
in the early morning.
but he’s also the thoughts that keep me up 
until the unholy hours of the night; 
he’s the playlists i create, the ones 
that i use to try and explain how i feel
to no avail. 
he’s the reason i don’t give up on things,
the hope i hold every day.
but most importantly, he’s my reminder
that God listens,
that He heard every late-night cry,
every crack in my heart,
and opened the part of my mind 
that knew who i should be around
and told me to never let him go.
--original poem 
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