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daisiesandshakes · 4 hours ago
Comte: Are you ever going to listen to me?
Shakespeare: Yes.
Comte: When?
Shakespeare: Whenever you say something I agree with.
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daisiesandshakes · a day ago
This made me want to be under that blanket!!!😭💖💖💖
Sharing is Caring and that includes Naps (Leonardo x MC)
Prompt: Leonardo doesn’t like to share, especially when it’s MC, and he’s noticed the lingering glances of some of the residents. Different scenarios have popped up since MC decided to live in Le Comte’s mansion with them, and Leonardo has made a permanent mental note of who to trust and who to absolutely, positively not trust when it comes to sharing her.
[Series] Post-Route Leonardo x MC
[Genre] Fluff, Comedy
[Warnings] None
1. {Leonardo & Napoleon (ft. Sebastian)}
“MC, would you mind waking up Napoleon for me? Normally I would take care of it, but I must finish cooking breakfast here,” Sebastian nodded towards the frying pan on the stove in front of him.
“Sure, Sebas. I’ll be right back.” I set down the tray I was holding and untied my apron before heading towards Napoleon’s room.
It sounded like an innocent request at the time.
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daisiesandshakes · a day ago
So after seeing this girl on tik Tok share her sleep walking videos, I now hc that Isaac is a chaiotic sleep walker
He mainly hangs out in the kitchen and makes a mess, so they have to lock it at night.
But he'll be sitting on the counter, his shirt is always missing, and eating something. And eventually is like "I don't like potatoes" and sets down the jar of olives he was eating.
Everyone takes turns watching him. One time Theo would Isaac talking to a plant.
Theo: Isaac.
Isaac: *put a bottle of hot sauce in the planter* this is for you
Theo: Isaac
Isaac: drink more drugs and stay in alcohol
One morning there is random shit all over the kitchen bc he decided he no longer wanted to eat the peanuts he was eating
Leonardo once found him in the music room, on the piano in only his boxers
Isaac: fite me
Leonardo: you're half my height
Isaac: fite me fucker
Leonardo: let's go to bed
Isaac: but the vampires
You'll also catch him walking into Theos room to pet king, and when he wakes up on the floor of Theos room cuddling with king, hc that he's allergic to golden retrievers
Isaac: *kisses Harry* why you pointy
Dazai once followed him out to the garden, and had to make sure he didn't fall into the massive koi pond or one of Jeans panic graves
Imagine it being Jeans turn to watch him
Jean: are you possessed?
Isaac: ........sandwich
Jean: *doesn't know what to do*
Isaac: *walks into kitchen*
Jean: wait. *Follows*
Isaac: *is already laying on the counter* why can't I be smaaaaarrrrt
Jean: uhhhh....let's go to bed *takes Isaac to his room so he can keep an eye on him*
Isaac: *stands right under the sky light* he says hi
Mozart does not enjoy when he has to watch Isaac. He's too tired and he doesn't care enough to try to get him back to bed.
Isaac: *on the kitchen floor eating theos cake*
Mozart: wtf do you have
Isaac: .....potato
Mozart: ??????? You don't even like cake?????
Isaac: ....*sits there without moving for 8 minutes*
Mozart: Isaac????
Isaac: *opens his mouth and just let's the cake fall out onto the floor* sour rasins
Mozart: god damn it I hate you
Arthur shouldn't be allowed to watch Isaac, and Isaac wishes he wouldnt. One time Arthur found him outside with only his pants on
Arthur: where is your shirt?
Isaac: fuk off mate
He will mimik Arthur if he's the one watching him and he hears him.
Arthur: what are you doing
Isaac: *laying face down in the grass* bloody hell
There is a very good possibility Isaac has bitten one of them in his sleep bc he got hungry
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
“Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide.”
— C.S. Lewis
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
Boys reaction to slushes?
The Residents Drink Slushes.
Tumblr media
Napoleon: “I want blue.” *loudly sips straw*
Vincent: ”Can I have every color?” *you give every color* “Oh, it came out all grey and taste weird.”
Isaac: “Why color ice?! Your time period is weird, MC.”
Comte: “Is there a Iced Tea Lemonade slushy or is that the same thing?”
Jean: “Slushy cherry, like enemies under my boot after a battle...oh sorry forgot you are eating I mean drinking. Carry on...”
Sebastian: “These are nice. Watch me come up with more flavors.”
Dazai: “Can I have a green tea flavored slushy?”
Shakespeare: “Tis bring winter’s snow and frost early in the palm of my hand.”
Theo: “Can I get the snow cones with the sweet syrup, please?”
Thanks for reading! Follow and stay tuned for more!
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
Mammon,pissed: I didn't steal any-
(Door opens)
Beel: Hey guys-
Beel: Mammon are you crying??
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
Long haired Shakespeare brainrot because I am on my last braincell and it has chosen to simp
Tumblr media
Some basic headcanons:
Actually takes really good care of it and it always feels really soft despite looking like half a mess quite a lot of the time
He doesn't take his hair out all that often because it gets in the way by he does like to have it out when he's at his desk writing
When his hair is out, Puck usually likes to sit on it when it's splayed on the desk when Will is hunched over
Sometimes lets Charles play with and braid it because he finds it surprisingly calming
He's the only one who is allowed to play with his hair because anyone else makes him anxious and unnerved because he's still unsure about letting people be physically close to him
I mean, aside from @yanderepuck's Poe but he's an anxious boy so he never asks even though Will actually prefers when Poe plays with his hair
Charles just ends up being the one who does it the most because he seldom gives Shakespeare a day in whether it not be plays with his hair
It's nice though
Except from the times that Puck has tried to mutilate Charles's hand while he was sitting amongst his hair and Charles was trying to braid it
Tumblr media
Tags: @vcl-1807 @a-chaotic-dumbass @laito---sakamaki @alby-rei @otome-scribbles @shad0cat
Tumblr media
Do not repost, edit or claim. Only reblog
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
Feel the same way! 🤛 💖
it’s really nice having this blog bc no one i’m friends w plays ikevamp and it feels like i annoy everyone w my ramblings about it (fun autism things). it’s nice having a space with people who like the same thing i do
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daisiesandshakes · 3 days ago
I hate burping in front of other people.
I would never do it in public, not even when friends are around. Doing it in front of my husband took me years, but everytime it happened I apologized cause I find it disgusting. Husband doesn't understand it at all - he says it's okay and natural and we are married. Why do I have to apologize everytime?
At dinner today with my husband I forgot for the first time in 12 years to apalogize for burping.
He looked at me with big eyes, gave me a high five and screamed: FINALLY! Hun, now we are on the next level of our relationship!!
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daisiesandshakes · 3 days ago
Comte: We are so in sync, we finish each other's-
Leonardo: correspondence.
Comte: What?
Leonardo, sliding his letters over to him in tears: please
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daisiesandshakes · 3 days ago
[While a drinking game at MC's birthday party]
MC: What's the past tense of "drink"?
Jean: What's a past tents?
Mozart: Drinked.
Dazai, sluring: Drinkinged.
Napoleon: Dranken.
Arthur, between hickups: Drunk.
Theo: Nah, it's a noun, it doesn't have a past tense.
Sebastian, standing in the doorframe: It's 'drank', what the hell are you guys on?
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daisiesandshakes · 3 days ago
Fanfic (William Shakespeare & reader)
Warning: light smut
Also warning: english is not my native language, but I hope you enjoy!
Words: about 2000 (wow... I am surprised by myself)
Tumblr media
One step closer
It was a bad day.  In your opinion it couldn't have been worse. Since nearly three weeks now you're helping Shakespeare with his new play. Your task was to take care of the costumes, stopping by for cleaning or darning them. But after a few days an actress catched a bad flue and William asked you to take her place.
You happily agreed to his wish. First everything went smooth, it was challenging but also fun. You liked to work with the other actors right away, enjoying their open and caring personalities, but the most important thing: You are able to spend time with Shakespeare.
At first you were only curious about him, you wanted to know more about the great mysterious William Shakespeare, who has left the mansion, and for sure you wanted to find out more about his work. The more time passed by, the more you could see your feelings change.
By this time it is impossible for you to face his glare without trembling legs or hundreds of butterflies in your stomach. William Shakespeare- the perfect gentleman, always treating you with respect and a gentleness that borders on adoration. Plus he is an extremly hard worker, fully dedicated to his plays, he is considerate and charming, he's got a fine sense of humor always making you smile, and his voice... oh you could spend hours only listening to him. In one or two rare moments you were even able to notice a softer, almost shy side at him and at that rare moments you knew you were lost. Helpless to his force of attraction like a planet to the force of gravity from a black hole.
You're really trying hard to hide that you're in love with him.
Who are you at all? Only a normal young woman who fell in love with one of history's greatest men. He deserves better than you. William deserves a woman who is as much talented and captivate as him. So you decided to admire and love him in secrecy.
But unfortunately those secret feelings for him happened to be the reason for your desaster today.
First William adjusted your new costume over and over again. You could feel his hands moving over your body and as he corrected the ribbons of your corset you were at your limit. You sensed his breath in your neck and there was no way to hide the tremble that rushed through your form. "Are you okay? Do you need something?" His enticing voice next to your ear... You almost blurted out 'You!"
With shaky words you explained you only forgot to eat proper this morning. He hummed at your words, then promised to offer after rehearse everything to you what you desire. Ah... Your mind spun.
Later he took place for one of his actors to show how the scene should look like. That ment he held you in his arms and whispered lovingly lines while looking straight into your eyes. You weren't able to remember your part anymore, you barely managed to stutter an excuse and asked embarressed for a small break. Not waiting for the answer you broke from the embrace and hurried off the stage - when the next drama happened.
You lost balance as your long dress stuck to the rail und you fell down the last stair. One of the actors helped you up and you assured quickly to be okay while realising the beautiful costume is ruined. Tearing up you fled the scene without looking back.
And now you're sitting on the chaise in the changing area, desperate, full of shame and tired of yourself.
Hot tears of frustration are spurting out as Shakespeare opens the door slightly. " May I come in?" He asks with a soft voice. A sobb leaves your lips and you try to wipe your tears away as soon as possible."Sure, William". He sits down next to you, trying to meet your gaze. But you are feeling ashamed, looking down, avoiding his eyes. "I.. I am so sorry for ruining the rehearse and the beautiful dress..." another tear rolls down your cheek. With two fingers under your chin Will lifts your head.
"There is no need to apologize, my brave maiden", he whispers and let you drown in his enchanting, mismatched eyes. You can't help it - more tears are spilling out and his other hand reaches up to wipe them away affectionaly. Will's face is so close to yours, you can feel his breath on your skin. He cups your face. "Tis is all my fault and my heart is bleeding with sorrow, knowing I did this to you". You frown. "I don't understand William... Why should my clumpsiness be your fault?"
Staring in your eyes, he sighs. "I know what your heart desires, my fair maiden. Now I know it for sure." His thumbs caress softly  your cheeks. "The past days I could see a change in your glare when you looked at me.. and when you thought I wouldn't notice that your eyes are following me". In shock you're holding your breath and you could feel the heat rising in your face.
The playwright shows a small, almost shy smile "But.. I wasn't sure at first, you left me wondering what brought up tis change in your behavior. Mayhap I divined it and I only was afraid to let your very soul whisper to the solidified heart of mine, which didn't know how to respond anymore after so many lonely centuries."  Will swollows hard "Sometimes I felt a bit confused about you..." he confesses.
"When I made a move upon you, you made a move backwards. Sometimes you took two steps. Then again I thought to glimpse the truth demand of your heart in your eyes. And the thought that it could be me what your heart desires made me weak."
At this point you're questioning reality and your eyes grow wide in disbelieve. Are you fantasizing? Could it be...?
"Yes, I am weak for you my fair maiden..." He continues in a whisper as if he can read your mind. He leans a bit closer, his forehead touching yours. "Tis weakness frightened me" his lips graces your eyebrows, then your cheekbones, a shiver runs down your spine. His lips feel so warm and soft... A whimper leaves your lips and you close your eyes.
"But at sudden my soul obtained greater fears to me." William's lips travel down, brushing your jaw. You inhale the scent of his silken hair and his shaving water. Your mind goes blank and your heart is beating so fast and hard now, you're afraid he can hear it.
"Not to see tis very expression in your eyes because of me anymore. Not having you around me anymore. Never being able to touch you..." Now he whispers in your ear, his lips touching your earlobe ever so slightly and you can't supress a moan. "As I knew my true fears and my deepest longing, I decided to force you to a reaction... And though I feel ashamed for doing tis to you... " William murmurs between tender butterfly kisses he places along your jawline. Shouldn't you be angry now with Shakespeare?  But your mind wasn't able to create a reasonable thought and his alluring sing-song voice hypnotizes you. Forgetting everything else, you only want his touch and get lost in your love for him.
"Your oh so sweet, passionate reactions brought tis insecure heart of mine more joy I could ever  imagine. For now there is no turning back... Nor for me, nor for you fair maiden."
He stops moving his mouth over your face and with a seductive voice he pleads "Look at me."
With intermittently breath you open your eyes to meet his stare and your heart flutters over the desperate, wanting  glance.
"Would you forgive tis poor, troublesome sinner?" Barely able to speak you manage somehow to whisper:"How can I not forgive you, Will? I love you so much."
Moving his fingers through your hair he grabs the back of your head, his eyes now dark and full of pleasure. " To grace me with those words.. they make me dizzy with desire..."
Again Shakespeare leans in closer, his burning eyes glued to your mouth. "And would you allow tis poor sinner who loves you insanely, wildly and infinitely to taste your lips...?"
Your heart misses a beat. Maybe two. This time you skip the answer, pulling him at his collar into a kiss.
William lets out a moan of surprise, throwing his arms around you, pressing your body against his. The kiss grows fast deeper as you feel his tongue flickering against your lips, begging for entrance. Obeying his wish, you let his tongue slip inside and the world around you stops existing.There was nothing you could do but moan into his kiss helplessly. Feeling his demanding tongue pushing in deep, then teasingly intertwinning with yours, while his hands endlessly caress the curves of your body, ruins  every yet existing rest of reason. The uprising heat in your veins burns to a point of hurt and starts a raging fire from your belly down to your inner thighs.
Suddenly William breaks the kiss, pulling your head to his chest, where you can hear his speeding heartbeat. "We should stop here my fair temptress, or else I won't be able to hold myself back anymore."
What? No no no... now that you've got a hint of the taste of everything you were craving for the last days, you have no intention to stop so soon. Your body still humming with pleasure you cling to his shoulders and leave a trail of small kisses from his collarbone up to his neck. Rubbing his cheek against yours he whines "Ah my godess, my temptress... " burrying his face at your neck he inhales your scent "You can't imagine how much I crave for your blood... it's calling me, singing alluring to me like a Sirene..."
As his tongue laves over your neck your form trembles and a lewd moan escapes your lips. He found one of your most sensitive spots.  His grip at your body tightens. He brushes his soft lips over the spot again with a flickering of his tongue. You can feel your hips bucking at this sensation and you gasp.
"I can't... stand it, I can't resist.." Shakespeare's voice - so needy and trembling with passion.
"Bite me Will!" You blurt out.  "I beg you, please bite me!" Does this desperate voice really  belong to you?
William hesitates only a brief second, then he pushes your body down, then let his fangs sink into your delicate skin with a groan.
After a sharp but short prick waves of burning, unearthly passion roll through you over and over again.
This passion cannot be human, it sets your entire body immediatly on fire and your core clenches. You can hear Shakespeare crying out as loud as you, pressing his hips against yours. Crying and moaning you start to pass out, repeating his name like a mantra.
As you open your eyes again, William fondles with your hair, observing you with a glance so concerning and lovingly, it almost makes you cry.
"I am so, so sorry... I was too greedy.."
You smile at him. "Don't feel sorry Will, I am doing fine and... " You inhale sharp "and by all the gods,  it was.. intense..."
You can feel your desire rising up again only by the thought of what happened before.
Shakespeare watches you with an intense stare, swallowing every reaction your body shows. His fingertips brush lightly over your lips before kissing you fiercly and senseless.
Then he pulls himself away.
He pants, placing a tender kiss on top of your head "I wish to seduce my godess in an adequate ambiance. So I'll take you now home with me, making sure I fulfill every wish and dream you can imagine... " he whispers seductively as he nuzzles his face in your hair. You both hold still for a few minutes, trying to calm down again, just enjoying to embrace each other. Unable to stop smiling, tears sting in your eyes. You can't remember that you felt happier anytime in your life.
Thank you for reading!
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daisiesandshakes · 4 days ago
*sigh* Love this one
MC: Text me when you're back home
Shakespeare: *turns back and hugs her tight* But I already am
MC: *blushing* ...Umm... I meant a house with ... doors... and things like that..
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daisiesandshakes · 5 days ago
Will: I felt a bit bored...
Comte: Let me speak to the kidnapper again.
*Will hands the phone over*
Kidnapper: ... Yes..?
Comte: You don't have him, he has YOU. Good luck. *hangs up*
Kidnapper over the phone: We have your brother, now give us the money or he gets it
Anne: You have Will?
Kidnapper: Yes
Comte: Anne, could you pass me the phone for a moment?
Anne: Of course
Comte: Hello, this is Will’s guardian. May I speak to him?
Kidnapper, handing over the phone: Make it quick
Will, casually: Greetings-
Comte: What the fuck are you scheming, why did you let yourself get kidnapped?
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daisiesandshakes · 5 days ago
[Dinner at the mansion]
Dazai: Today I bought a bag 'Haribo Tropifrutti'. The banana tastes like banana. Pineapple tastes like pineapple. The orange tastes like orange...
[Everybody stops eating]
Dazai: Now I don't dare to eat the parrot.
Everybody: ...
Mozart, rubbing his eyebrows: You're the reason this country has to put directions on shampoo.
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daisiesandshakes · 5 days ago
[Dazai and Arthur meet Theo with King in the garden, Theodore is looking quite depressed]
Arthur: What is it, Theo?
Theo: Someone in town told me King keeps chasing people on a bike, and I don't know what to do about that.
Dazai *kneels down to pet the dog*: Nah, that's a shameful lie.
Dazai: We all know King doesn't have a bike.
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daisiesandshakes · 5 days ago
Comte: I need you to look out for Arthur today, I'm worried he's going to get himself punched.
Leonardo, grinning: Sure, I'd love to see Arthur get punched.
Comte: Try again.
Leonardo: ... I will try to stop Arthur from getting punched...?
Comte: Much better.
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daisiesandshakes · 5 days ago
Arthur : *looking at Charles * so this the enemy.
Theo ; we’ll keep a close eye on you now. Got it?
Comte: *in his office* what?!
Arthur : *hugging Charles* can we keep him? Pleeeaaassee?
Charles: *smiley boy*
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daisiesandshakes · 5 days ago
My name is Arthur.
But you can call me
*seductively puts on sun glasses*
Tumblr media
- Arthur, probably at some point
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