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Day 4/100 • 100 DOP challenge
Today definitely wasn't it. Oof. I hate myself for this lol
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Day 3/100 • 100 DOP challenge
Today was bad as well. I have my biology exam tomorrow, meaning I don't have A LOT to study so I used my phone a lot. I've downloaded instagram as well, and am trying to self discipline myself with it. Well I am not proud of how much time I spent in the app.
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Please shame me so I get out of my addiction with instagram. Tomorrow, I am gonna plan out how I will be using instagram.
So I studied for around 2 hours today, which is better than yesterday but not enough.
I am happy with what I did today. I didn't eat any junk food. So yay! And I did 500 skips today!!
Hoping tomorrow will be a much better day.
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Day 2/100 • 100 DOP challenge
today was my physics tell and it was fine ig. I got only 4.5 hours of sleep, so after I reached home I slept for an eternity. Then woke up, did a little studying. My mood was a bit low today so I didn't wanna study much.
So today's study time: around an hour.
Didnt workout. Drank iced coffee with two spoons of sugar cause I didn't wanna die. But that's it.
I took a few pictures if myself today? I do that whenever I feel insecure. Makes me feel good about myself. Will recommend. A picture of me:
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Day 1/100 • 100 DOP challenge
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wellllllll, first of all, I hate myself. I wasted so much time in the morning even though I have a fucking exam tomorrow. See, the thing is, I am addicted to my phone. I've tried getting away from it but I keep coming back. So, now I am gonna be different and try to mould myself into a productive person with potential distractions around i.e. my phone. Anyways, i am using the forest app the calculate my time spent in studying: 3 hours. These 3 hours were spent in the evening when I realised 'shit I have an exam tomorrow'. And guess what, I still procrastinated like fuck.
I am happy with what I did for my fitness today tho.
300 skips
50 squats holding a 5kg dumbell
Plank till my soul gave up (30-45 seconds).
I drank a small cup of orange juice (mix, which has quite some sugar in it) which is the only high calorie less nutritious food (gonna call them 'less often' foods from tomorrow) I ate today.
So yep, that's it for today. Now let me go study till the morning for my exam🙂.
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Well.... Was not very productive today. I am trying my best to not beat myself for it. I did study a little but it was not at all sufficient. I have my physics exam day after tomorrow and I really have a lot to study.
As of fitness, i ate some junk food today and drank iced coffee cuz I really had a craving. And I didn't really workout today.
I am planning to start the 100 days of productivity challenge tomorrow. I really really hope I won't waste my time by procrastinating.
Tomorrow, I will seize the day!
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These are the rules I am gonna follow from tomorrow:
Do not pick up the phone first thing in the morning
You are allowed to use your phone after a two hour study session
Study atleast 6 hours a day with full concentration
Spend atleast half an hour at the end of the day to revise
Plan on what to do the next day the day before
Post a summary of what was done on the day here
The maximum time I can spend on my phone is 1 hour
Avoid sugary and junk foods as much as possible.
Limit your food intake and eat fruits as snacks
Do some sort of workout every day
Atleast three days in a week should have moderately intense workout
Hopefully, I will be consistent with my goals this time. I am gonna try my best!!
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This is going to be my personal study and fitness blog. My main account is @ichor-on-paper.
Have a nice day❤️
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