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bigcat-hanson · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
idk man ross could’ve self reported
please don’t repost
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Staring At The Stars [Part Two] | Arin Hanson X Reader
Part One
Arin’s voice is absolutely breathtaking. What will he think when he hears yours?
Word Count: 1130
     Your coffee had run out quickly, leaving you to resort to the questionable, cold pot in the studio for the next few hours. Despite the amount of caffeine that you thought you had consumed over the past few hours, Ross had to shake you awake at least four times by the time dinner came around.
     “Are you sure you’re good to drive? I don’t want you to crash behind the wheel.”
     “I’m good. It’s only a few blocks away. I can manage. Holy shit, it’s cold out here.”
     “I’ll buy you a real coffee when we get there. Drive safe.”
     “You too, Ross.”
     If there was one thing you couldn’t stand, it was drunk people who couldn’t sing to save their lives trying to do karaoke. The god-awful, tone-deaf screeching that you were met with as you walked into the restaurant woke you up better than you knew any amount of caffeine ever would. It took every ounce of determination you had not to just walk out when you saw Dan taking a seat with everyone else at a table close to the speakers.
     “If this guy’s so-called singing makes me claw my ears off, your eyes are next, Avidan,” you practically shouted, sitting across from him in the only open seat next to Arin. 
     “I didn’t even choose the table! Ross got here first!” 
     You were hoping the look you gave Ross would at least scare him a little, but all you got in return was a sly smirk that you wanted to smack off his face.
     “Oh, you’re in for it now, O’Donovan!” you threatened, trying to fight the smile that desperately tried to show itself. 
     “Someone hates karaoke,” Arin chimed in.
     “I don’t hate karaoke. I hate drunk people who think they’re doing karaoke but are actually just slurring bullshit into a mic.”
     “Well you’re not gonna be happy when I get up there later,” Dan laughed, thanking the waitress that had just placed his drink in front of him.
     “Lord help me.”
     You wanted to kill him. You hated him for winning, and you hated yourself for agreeing to Ross’ stupid arm wrestling challenge. You knew you weren’t all that likely to win, but your competitive side got the better of you. The look of satisfaction on his face pissed you off, but what pissed you off the most was what you now had to do.
     “What are you waiting for, (y/n)? Get up there!” he laughed, gesturing to the stage with the glass in his hand. 
    “I can’t even sing, man! This isn’t fair!”
     “You shouldn’t have lost then!”
     “Fuck. Alright, just shut up and pick the song.”
     “I’m sorry, what’s the deal here?” Arin asked, sitting down right as you pushed out your chair.
     “I was a dumbass and arm wrestled Ross. The deal was that whoever lost had to do karaoke to whatever song the winner chose, and I am about to- no, Ross is about to ruin my social life because I’m definitely not gonna be able to show my face after this.”
     “Oh boy. I mean, good luck. I’m sure you’ll be fine, but he is probably picking something that’ll feel ridiculous.”
     “End me.” You groaned as Ross gestured for you to get on the stage, mentally preparing yourself for whatever humiliation was about to come your way. You took a moment before giving the ok to figure out just what he had given you. Part of you was happy that it wasn’t something insanely weird, but it was definitely embarrassing. Of course he would choose the song he knew you had on repeat as an outlet for your feelings for Arin. You never should’ve told him. Bastard.
     You gave the ok, but you were not feeling ok.
Think of me when you're out, when you're out there
I'll beg you nice from my knees
And when the world treats you way too fairly
Well it's a shame I'm a dream
     Looking at anyone was out of the question. Your eyes were glued to the screen in front of you, pretending to read the lyrics that were burned into your brain by this point. 
All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you
     It was the longest four minutes of your life. You knew they were looking at you the whole time, and there was no way they didn’t hear any of it because they were so close to the speakers. The second it was over, you placed the mic on its stand, ran to the table, grabbed your coat, and hauled ass out to the parking lot.
     You were just about to unlock your car when you heard a voice behind you.
     “(Y/n)!” Arin was the last person you wanted to see right now, so of course he was the one to run out after you.
     “I’ve gotta go, man. I’m really sorry. It was really fun being there for the recording sesh earlier, but it’s getting late.” You sifted through the keys on your keyring as you spoke, hoping that he would sense your urgency and go back inside without pressing the issue further.
     “Are you ok? You don’t usually run out like that.”
     “Well, usually I don’t do embarrassing shit like that in front of the only people whose opinions I give a fuck about.”
     “Shit, was it really that bad? I thought you did great-”
     “Well it was nowhere near as good as Dan and sure as hell not as good as you. Not to mention the fact that he definitely chose that song just to embarrass me in front of you.”
     “In front of me? Why? I’ve never even heard-”
     “I really just want to go home and sleep off the overwhelming urge to punch something, ok? I’m overwhelmed as hell and I just-... I can’t be around you or Ross right now.”
     “Can I at least ask why not me?”
     “Fuck Arin, I’m into you! Ross knows that, and that’s why he chose that fucking song. He’s been pushing me to tell you nonstop an he finally got his fucking wish. I didn’t want to say anything because I knew you would never reciprocate, but at this point, fuck it. I might as well humiliate myself one last time before I-”
     You didn’t expect the hand pulling you closer, and you especially didn’t expect the lips that were now pressed against yours. The shock wore off fast, and you melted right into him. The cold night air was gone, replaced with the warmth of the hands that were settled on either side of your face.
     “Are you gonna shut up and come back inside now?”
     “I don’t know, I think I might need a little more convincing.”
     “Oh, my god. Come here.”
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Do other writers ever get this like, hyper-specific dialogue exchange drop into their brains and you know exactly where these character are standing and what they’re doing and how they’re saying these words but that’s all you get. You don’t have much other context and this specific moment that exists only at this time in your headspace??
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
In Case You Need a Smile Today - The Newlywed Game
From: Just Married! - 10 Minute Power Hour
Arin just gets so excited about getting it right, it’s honestly fantastic. Wholesome and goofy friendship, we love to see it. 
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Arin with his hair down
Requested by @saiq2004 and @septicsanchez
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
but did y’all think about enemies to lovers game gyaru?
it’s a shitty sketch but please don’t repost
prints patreon
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
here’s a video of dan and arin being best friends for approximately 4 and a half minutes
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Here’s a gif I made of animated Arin scooting around on his tush
CREDIT:  Today is Football (by Sherbies) - Game Grumps Animated
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love this meme
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
R I G H T  N O W 
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more fall grumps
please don’t repost
prints patreon
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
this isnt a beach this is a bathtub!
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
super Grump adventure
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bigcat-hanson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cover girl!
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bigcat-hanson · 8 months ago
Long Way From Home [Part Six] | Arin Hanson X Reader
After getting Arin’s number, you head home and text him to confirm the plans the two of you wanted to make
Word count: 511
You: Hey, it’s (Y/N). Are you sure you want me to come? I feel like I’m being invasive and invited myself when I really shouldn’t have
Arin: I would’ve asked you to come if you hadn’t said something first. I’m free for lunch and dinner so we can probably meet up then. How early would you be willing to fly out?
You: Any time. Were you wanting to catch up on your free day still?
Arin: Absolutely. I can get a hotel room for you for the night so you don’t have to oh my god Aaron are you hooking up with someone Dan shut the fuck up
Arin: Wow, that’s the last time I use voice to text. Anyways, I can get you a hotel room so we can use as much of the day as we can
You: Thank you, I’d really like that. Any luck finding tickets? I’ll pay you back as soon as I get my paycheck
Arin is typing…
Arin: You don’t have to pay me back. I really just want to catch up and figure things out. Here’s the tickets. I have you flying out at 9 so you can get some sleep [Attachment: 2 images]
You: Seriously, thank you. I just got home, so I’m going to do just that. I’m really excited to see you again tomorrow. Get some sleep!
Arin: You too. See you at lunch tomorrow
The airport was packed with people, as it usually was at the end of the week. Your duffel bag was slung over your shoulder, allowing you to use all of the strength in your hands to hold a much needed cup of coffee. You maneuvered your way around the bunches of people as fast as you could to locate the gate you were supposed to depart from. 8 A.M. was not your favorite time of day.
Your phone buzzed in your pocket just as you reached your gate. After setting your things down, you carefully reached into the pocket of your jacket and read the text.
Arin: Get to the airport safely?
You: Just got to my gate. If I’m hearing the announcements correctly, I might actually get to fly out a few minutes early
Arin: That would be pretty sweet. How are your hands?
You: Couldn’t sleep last night, so I went to urgent care and got them stitched up and properly taken care of. Still sucks ass, but a tiny bit better now
Arin: Good, that will definitely help with the healing process. I’ve got to go. Just wanted to make sure you got there alright. Have a safe flight!
You: Thank you!
“Attention, passengers. The non-stop 9 A.M. flight from Phoenix to Albuquerque will begin boarding now. Any passengers with priority seating, such as veterans, the disabled, and parents flying with small children will be boarding first. Thank you.” The intercom system clicked off after the attendant at the gate made her announcement. You breathed a nervous sigh, gathered your things once more, and prepared to board the plane.
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bigcat-hanson · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
this was made for me,,,,,,,, bc it’s true but
you can use it
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bigcat-hanson · 8 months ago
Long Way From Home [Part Five] | Arin Hanson X Reader
After almost 20 years, you finally find the childhood friend that you were forced to give up, but would reconnecting now be a good thing?
Word count: 1339
TW: mentions of blood/wounds
Your head hurt, your heart hurt, the palms of your hands stung and were covered in gravel and blood. Your wet clothes allowed the cold night air to bite. You couldn’t believe the seemingly never ending lies that your parents had told you, the rest of your family, Arin… 
What could you even believe anymore? Your life started feeling more and more like a sad cosmic joke.
“(Y/N), wait! (Y/N), I-...” Arin’s voice carried across the parking lot. He sounded frantic, almost like he was panicking. His footsteps started fast, but quickly slowed to a more hurried walk. By the time he was in front of you, they were slow and careful. You didn’t want to look at him anymore. Somehow, the gentle hand that he placed on your back made you cry harder. He could barely make out your words through the sobbing.
“I’m so sorry, Arin. I never wanted this. I never wanted to move away, I never wanted to leave you behind. They gave me no choice. They lied to you, they lied to both of us. I don’t know what’s real anymore, and I’m so sorry.” 
The hand on your back remained there for what felt like hours, the silence between you cutting deeper than the wounds on your hands. 
“You’re bleeding…”
“I’m blee-... fuck…” You finally took a good look at how bad your hands really were. Your palms were almost completely red, aside from the black spots of gravel that remained stuck in some places.
“There’s probably a first aid kit on the bus,” he offered. He sounded so nervous. He had been so excited and bubbly practically the whole day before this. It was almost unsettling. You nodded and wiped your eyes on your upper arm, allowing him to help you stand. The two of you made your way across the parking lot, your arms held out awkwardly to avoid bringing them into contact with anything.
It was a bit loud on the bus. Practically the whole group was chatting loudly about the night’s event, as well as the plans for their next destination. Someone was playing music from their phone and singing along. You stood awkwardly behind Arin as you entered, not wanting to draw attention to yourself.
“Hey Vernon, pass me that first aid kit,” he cut in, gesturing to the small white box on a wall towards the back. The man you could only assume was Vernon removed the box from the wall and tossed it to Arin. “Great, thanks. I’m gonna be out for awhile. I’ll be back before we head out.”
“Two hours, homie!” you heard Dan yell from somewhere in the back that you couldn’t see. Arin gave a silent wave to the crowd of people on the bus before gesturing for you to step out. Unsure of whether you were ready to face your coworkers yet after your odd exit, you decided that going back to your jeep was the best course of action.
Despite the fact that they were covered in blood, your fingers were unscathed enough to press the unlock button and pop the trunk open. The two of you sat yourselves in the empty space of the trunk, making sure to face each other so it was easier to fix your hands. 
“Son of a motherfuck-!” Your teeth clenched together as the water poured over your hands, taking some of the blood and gravel with it as it flowed onto the ground. “God, that’s so much worse than I thought it was,” you admitted, forcing yourself to laugh. Several small, deep cuts littered your palms. 
“I’m gonna have to put pressure on this,” he pointed out. You nodded, confirming you were ready, and for him to get it over with. The thick pads of gauze pressed into your left hand, sandwiched between yours and Arin’s. His free hand brought the wrapping around your wrist and winding around the rest of your hand. The burning pain continued as he wrapped the other one. 
“What a fun night.” Arin glanced up at you, seeming to smile a bit at your sad attempt at a joke. When the last of the bandages were properly fastened, you flexed your fingers to test their limits. It wasn’t very much. “Do you want to talk about this? Or would you rather we just go our separate ways and pretend like none of this happened?”
“I mean, considering I basically chased you out here, I’d say it’s safe to assume I want to know what the hell’s going on.”
“You and me both,” you scoffed, shaking your head. 
“I really thought you were dead or something, and now I’m sitting in your car with you after you worked one of my events, like… what the fuck is- what happened to you?”
“God, where do I even begin…”
Exact details were difficult to remember. You tried to give him the bullet points, telling him how your parents sent you to your aunt’s, how you were never allowed to contact anyone but your aunt and those in your new school after you arrived, your aunt’s resentment towards you, her sudden death while you were away at college… the most difficult part to piece together was the truth about what your parents had done, and why they had done it.
You tracked the emotions that passed over Arin’s face while you rambled on about your life story. The confusion, the sympathy, the anger… none of this would’ve happened had your parents just waited three years for you to move out.
“They lied to everybody and cut you off from everyone that gave a shit about you just so they could live out their bullshit dreams of living without kids in fucking Europe? That’s actually fucking disgusting. They had a funeral for you. I grieved your fucking death. That’s a huge part of why I moved here a while after that. I couldn’t be there anymore because of what happened. I-...”
“They had a funeral?” 
The look on his face was painful to see. His expression seemed somewhat far-off, as if he was reliving those moments in his head.
“It was probably one of the worst days of my life,” he admitted. Tears started to well up in his eyes. Both of you were snapped out of your confusion and sorrow by the sudden buzzing coming from Arin’s pocket. You could hear the words ‘fucking kidding me’ muttered under his breath as he read the text. “There’s bad traffic. We have to leave early so we can make it to our next show on time.”
“Where is it?”
“Albuquerque. It’s tomorrow night, but we have a lot of prep and shit to do during the day.”
“I can be there,” you blurted out. The words were out before you had the chance to think about what you were saying. “Nope, nevermind. That’s fucking weird. Shouldn’t have said that, that’s-”
“It’s a seven hour drive, I can’t let you do that. You just worked over twelve hours.”
“Wait… you’re not like, weirded out that I said that?”
“I’m kind of weirded out by a lot right now, but getting more time with you is the best thing I can imagine right now.”
“Ok, um… maybe I can find a flight? It’s pretty last minute, I don’t know if I’d be able to get there-”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll find you a flight and pay for the ticket. You worry about packing what you need to bring. Actually, shit, we have a day between tomorrow’s show and the one after that. If you have the next two days off we could… here, I’ll give you my number so we can talk more about this. I have to get back to the bus, but I really want to see you in Albuquerque tomorrow.” His last few sentences were rushed as he wrote his number on a strip of gauze with a sharpie he had in his pocket. “I’m glad you’re alive, (Y/N).”
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bigcat-hanson · 8 months ago
Long Way From Home [Part Four] | Arin Hanson X Reader
Dan manages to make your night even worse. He wants to make it up to you, but you need to leave before Arin can see you
Word count: 796
     You were practically drenched with water. For a moment, it didn’t even process. Once it did, however, you all but exploded on the guy.
     “Are you fucking kidding me?! You’re not even supposed to have water on the god damn stage! Can you not-”
     “I am so fucking sorry. I really didn’t mean to, I should’ve been watching where I was going. The stage crew said the water was fine. I’m really sorry,” the man responded frantically. You looked up at him, seething, but the moment you realized who it was, your anger turned to embarrassment.
     “You know what? It’s fine. I forget we have exceptions sometimes. You’re fine. I need to go deal with this,” you choked out, trying to find a way out before anyone but the curly haired man in front of you had the chance to get a good look at you.
     “Here, take my jacket. I doubt you guys have towels and shit here,” Dan offered. You wanted to say no, but before you could, the jacket was already pressed against your arm.
     “Dude, seriously. I can handle myself!” you quickly pushed his hand away, and your hand got caught in the chain of your necklace, the force of your push snapping it and sending it flying a few feet away from you. “Look, I’ve had a weird fucking day, and you are not helping. I’m soaked, and now my necklace is broken. Just leave me alone, please.”
     “Hey, Dan, we’re all ready to go.” Fuck. You quickly turned away from the new voice, crouching down to pick up the dog tag and broken chain.
     “Yea, just a second, man. Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to make it up to you? What’s your name? I’ll do anything, really,” Dan offered one final time. At this point you were desperate to just leave before Arin noticed your face.
     “It’s (Y/N), and I’m positive. I just want to fix my necklace and go home.” 
     “Ok. I’m sorry about everything.” You heard their footsteps receding, and breathed a sigh of relief. You were too tired to cry about the necklace, even though you felt like you would. Learning more about the horrible things your parents did, dealing with the whole Arin situation… it was a lot. You placed the necklace on the table offstage while you took off your soaking wet jacket. Footsteps got closer to you. You hoped it was only Maggie or Aiden asking you for a ride.
     “Hey, um, I know you’re probably sick of us right now, probably mostly Dan. I just wanted to offer to get a replacement chain for your necklace. I don’t exactly know what happened, but I feel bad that your night seems kinda ruined because of it.” Arin’s voice was soft and kind. It caught you off guard. You thought he had left.
     “It’s not a big deal. I can get a replacement for it tomorrow. The whole day has been weird, so it wasn’t just Dan that kinda fucked it over. You don’t have to do anything. It’s ok,” you reassured him, distracting yourself by folding your jacket on the table. He was oddly quiet for a moment. Your anxiety rose to a level that you hadn’t felt in almost twenty years. You heard a set of keys jingle behind you, followed by more silence.
     “...what did you say your name was again?” he asked slowly. You saw movement out of the corner of your eye, and tilted your head ever so slightly to see what it was. He had picked up your dog tag and was holding next to the one attached to his keyring. In a moment of panic, you snatched it out of his hand, grabbed your jacket, and walked away as quickly as you could, giving him some bullshit excuse about being late for dinner.
     The confused looks on your coworkers’ faces felt like daggers as you swiftly moved past them. All of your energy was focused on ignoring the man calling out to you as you ran out to the parking lot.
     It felt like the world’s hardest puzzle trying to find the right key on your key ring, and the fact that you were walking across a dark, somewhat busy parking lot didn’t do anything to help you. On any normal night, you’d be able to step over cracks and potholes without looking at the ground. Tonight, however, your foot caught on an uneven patch of pavement, and you crashed to the ground not even five feet away from your car.
     You forced yourself to sit up, the new scrapes all over your body sending crashing waves of pain through your body. In that moment, all you could bring yourself to do was cry.
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bigcat-hanson · 8 months ago
Long Way From Home [Part Three] | Arin Hanson X Reader
You learn some important information during the Game Grumps Live Q&A session
Word count: 1165
     It wasn’t even halfway into the event when you decided that Game Grumps Live was officially your favorite event that you’ve ever worked. It was essentially just two grown ass men playing Mario games with each other and the occasional fans. You had been so invested in the game play that the voice coming through your headset startled you.
     “Hey, (Y/N), we are gonna need an extra mic down here,” Aiden stated. You jumped a bit at the unexpected sound, taking a moment to scramble to find the ‘talk’ button on your mic pack.
     “Thanks. Throw some batteries into green. Let me know when they actually need it on.”
     “On it.” 
     The two of them got some pretty funny questions, and of course, gave equally as funny answers. There were a few questions about Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb, which were apparently bands that they were involved with. The fans seemed really excited about everything that they did. Every answer, no matter how ridiculous, seemed to be an amazing one in the eyes of the audience. Some of their questions were more serious, and almost all of those were directed towards Dan, but when it finally came to the last question of the night, your feelings shifted from happy to… you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.
     The fan who asked seemed to be a teenager, judging by the pitch of their voice. They seemed a bit shy, but very excited to be able to talk to the men on the stage.
     “Hi, um, my name is Kade, and my question is for Arin. Uh, what do you miss the most about Florida? Like, what’s your favorite memory from when you lived there?” You froze. It’s just an odd coincidence, right? He could be from Jacksonville for all you know. It couldn’t be him. Your focus was suddenly glued to Arin.
     “Oh, wow. Let’s see, uh… you guys mind if I get serious for a second? This is sort of sad in a way,” Arin admitted, waiting for a positive response from his audience. When he received it, he continued. “So, for those of you that don’t know, I only went to high school for two years before my mom pulled me out, and I got my GED later. Anyways, before that, I had this one friend that I spent a lot of time with both during and outside of school. They were awesome. They put up with all of my nerdy crap, always went with me to buy games and Pokemon cards. The last day I ever saw them, we went to the mall in Wellington, and I really wasn’t a fan of malls. I’m still not, but the game store they had released Neo Destiny sooner than my local game stores, so we went there. I bought a shit ton of packs, and we went through them together, and I pulled a motherfucking foil Dark Espeon.” 
     The crowd erupted into cheers as he mentioned the card, but every inch of your face felt like it was on fire. When did you stop breathing?
     “Right, right? Fantastic pull. I still have that card, too. So I pulled that, I was excited as hell, they were excited for me, even though they knew jack shit about Pokemon. We ate lunch, and they really just wanted to leave, but I- okay, so when I was younger I was really into like, cheesy tourist type stuff. I do still do that, but not for the place that I live, obviously. For whatever reason, I did for my hometown for awhile. So, as we were leaving I saw this machine- you know those machines where you can make, like, custom dog tags and shit? It was one of those. We both got one, and it was my initials, their initials, the next line said ‘Espeon’ because I had just made the world’s greatest pull at the time, and then 2002, which was the year. It’s on my keychain, I can post a picture of it later. Anyways, it was such a good fucking day, one of my favorite days of my childhood ever, but, um… the night after that, their parents reported them missing. Uh… I never got to see them again. They just sort of disappeared. They were my favorite part of Florida, even though the ending to that story isn’t good by any means. That probably wasn’t the answer you wanted, but yea. (Y/N) was the best thing about Florida for me.”
     “Alright, well that’s all the time we have tonight, you guys have been a wonderful audience! Thank you so much!”
     Maggie ran over to your side of the booth to turn off the microphones and play the music you had been given to use as they left the stage. She shook you to snap you out of the trance that you were in.
     “Hey! Hey!! Snap out of it! What the hell is up with you? You missed the cue!” she pushed urgently. 
     “Fuck, sorry. I don’t know what happened, I just spaced out, I guess,” you lied, trying to get a better grip on your surroundings.
     “Let’s get everyone on stage for strike. Maggie, I’ll keep you up there until house is empty, then you can swap power down to stage and shut down the music.” The voice coming through your headset was that of your boss. Maggie reached her button before you could remember where yours was.
     “Got it, (Y/N)’s on the way down,” she replied, waving her hands at you in a way that told you to go. You removed your headset and made your way down to the stage, praying to whatever deity you could that you wouldn’t run into Arin.
     There were still quite a few people left in the audience when you got down there. The music was louder on the stage than it was in the booth, forcing everyone to raise their voices to speak to each other.
     “Aiden! What’s the plan?” you asked your coworker, practically having to shout so he could hear you.
     “Stool, mics, and stands! Everything else is theirs! Wait until they’re done with their stuff to fly out the screen!” You nodded in response, Swerving around the rest of the crews, both yours and theirs, to get to the sound closet.
     Everything was packed up pretty quickly. You found a rhythm to striking the stage and kept to it, flying through the motions without a second thought. The music had been off for a few minutes by the time you were able to fly out the projector screen.
     “Screen going out!” you yelled, making sure everyone on stage steered clear of the large and now moving screen. You locked it up and decided to make one more trip to the sound closet to  make sure it was locked before clocking out. Before you could turn around to leave, someone crashed into you with an open bottle of water.
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