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asknarashikari · 16 hours ago
Funny minific idea: Chase gets a fan after he solves a case for her. Cue the jealous Gou,..
Gou found himself winded, thrown onto his back with his boyfriend looming dangerously over him, a displeased look on his face. He knew exactly what had ticked off the other Rider, but he absolutely refused to acknowledge it, at least out loud.
“You were being exceptionally rude to Kamiya-san, Gou.” Chase said in that deep, growly tone he used to put on as Mashin Chaser. “What had she done to deserve such treatment from you?”
“What are you talking about?” Gou asked, feigning ignorance, refusing to look his boyfriend in the eye. “I wasn’t being rude, was I?”
“Gou, you blasted a bottle of soda all over her,” Chase deadpanned. 
“That was an accident, Chase, it happens, you know?” Gou lied blatantly. “It must’ve gotten shaken up or something when I bought it...”
“Right. And I’m sure it had nothing to do with her trying to get into my pants.” Chase stated coolly.
Gou turned to him, startled. “Wait... you knew?!” he exclaimed. “You knew what she was doing...?”
“It was hard not to know what she was doing, when she quite bluntly propositioned me.” 
“She did what-?!” Gou shrieked, pushing himself up on his elbows, but he was stopped by Chase pushing him back down onto the bed.
“So. You were jealous.” Chase stated, with a playful smirk on his lips. 
“Of course I would be, geesh!” Gou cried out with a roll of his eyes. “That ho being all over you pissed me off! I’m the only one allowed to-”
“Allowed to what, Gou?” he asked, smiling wickedly (and boy, was Gou not used to seeing that expression on Chase’s face). “Tell me... what is it that only you are allowed to do to me?”
Something inside of Gou snapped, and before he even realized what he was doing he had flipped them over, so he was on top and Chase was the one on his back. He didn’t know why but he was out of breath, panting as he gazed down at his lover, who seemed utterly nonplussed by his sudden change of demeanor.
In fact, it almost looked like Chase was expecting it.
“...Wouldn’t you want to know what I’d do to you?” Gou asked, leaning in closer to his smug boyfriend. 
“Show me then, Gou.” Chase smirked. “Show me what you’d do to me...”
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asknarashikari · 16 hours ago
Future minific time: Ise hopping into dragon form to help his Rider friends
Kick his ass Ise <3
“Ise, are you sure about this?” Eiji asked urgently. “We’ve got cameras all around us... if you do this, there’s no turning back...”
“It’s the only way,” Ise gritted his teeth, looking at the magic-user that the pair were up against, while they were surrounded on all sides by the press that the arrogant villain had called up. “My dragon form would resist his spells easily...”
“What are you two talking about there?” growled the Wiseman knockoff, keeping them chained up with his Bind spell. “You know that your fancy SIU tech is no match for my magic. Just surrender to me so I can kill you mercifully.”
“Uh, yeah, no thanks,” Ise retorted at him, his eyes flashing golden, snarling to bare his lengthening teeth.
“What-” The magician gasped.  
Ise’s form started to change, his body straining against the chains keeping him bound as it shifted from human to draconid. He went on all fours as his hands and feet transformed into claws.The chains snapped when Ise’s wings sprung forth from his back, ripping his shirt to shreds in the process. Ise roared, electricity arching off his spine, his mane already standing on end from the static. 
The wizard froze in his tracks, unable to believe what he was seeing. “A... A dragon?” the villain stuttered. “No one told me the SIU had a dragon!” he yelled in outrage. 
“I’m not with the SIU, you dumb magician,” Ise growled, as he unleashed a bolt of lightning at him, sending him flying several blocks and forcing him out of his transformation.
Eiji nearly fell over as the spell keeping him chained broke, and he only barely caught himself on one of Ise’s draconian legs. “I can’t believe you actually transformed in front of everyone like that... Now everyone knows what you are...”
Ise snorted and pointed his snout at the reporters. Eiji glanced in their direction, then blinked when he saw their befuddled, bewildered and disappointed faces. “You fried their cameras, didn’t you?
Ise gave him a toothy, dragon grin and a thumbs up.
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asknarashikari · 16 hours ago
A cute minific of A rider couple of your choice please
Get ready for soft!Ankh then
“A package? For me?” Eiji asked, pointing at himself. 
The courier, clearly bored out of his mind with his mundane job, just nodded and held out the box to him. Eiji took it from him, and he was about to thank the other man but he had already turned away, tapping away at his phone.
“Eiji! Where’s my ice cream?” demanded Ankh from inside the house.
Eiji sighed, closing the door behind him and yelling out, “Coming!” He clutched the package with one hand as he walked to the kitchen to retrieve his boyfriend’s ice pop.
“Here you go Ankh,” Eiji said as he handed the sea salt flavor ice pop to Ankh, who was lounging on the bed as he was wont to do. Meanwhile, he placed his package on the bed while he got a box cutter to cut through the packaging tape.
“Did someone send you something?” Ankh asked, eyeing the box with distaste. “Who is it from?”
“It’s just addressed to me,” Eiji said with a frown. “There’s no return address or anything...” Eiji cut through the tape holding the top flaps closed. His eyes widened as he sifted through the packing peanuts to see what he had received.
“Look, Ankh!” The Greeed raised his eyes, sucking on his ice pop disinterestedly as Eiji held up his prize. “Premium pantsu! And there’s so many of them too!” he exclaimed, bringing out a whole bundle of underpants, all in colorful prints and patterns. “I’m going to go try them on!” Eiji said as he brought the boxers- box and all- to the bathroom, practically prancing into it out of sheer excitement at his new favorite undergarments.
As he left, he didn’t notice Ankh’s expression change to contentment. Loathe he may be to admit it, seeing Eiji happy made him happy, which was why he was the one who got him the underpants to begin with. 
He leaned back on the bed, sucking on his ice pop, trying to control the manic grin that threatened to form on his face.
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asknarashikari · 16 hours ago
Minific of Sento of taking care of his twins shortly after they were born?
Sometimes, Sento wished the twins would be a bit more fussy. Because maybe he’d have more to do as a new father...
As it were, Fuyumi and Fuyuki were incredibly easy babies. They only cried when they needed to be fed or changed, and they otherwise spent the whole day sleeping or cooing softly and cutely. They wouldn’t even stir when Shoutaro raised hell with his memetic yelling, or if he and Philip managed to blow something up in the Garage again (which is at least half the time the reason why Shoutaro was yelling anyway). 
He watched over them as they slept in their cot, looking positively cherubic. Sento still had no idea how something so pure and innocent could’ve come from him, the Devil’s Scientist, even though he had been the one to engineer their birth to begin with.
Sento smiled at the small tufts of hair that already started to grow from the twins’ heads. He wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up with fried-shrimp-colored hair, with how reddish-brown it appeared. Of course, they had inherited it from his other half. 
These two... were half of him. But they were half of Ryuuga too. And all he could see in them was all the best things he loved about his musclehead idiot.
“Yumi... Yuki...” he whispered softly, not that they would wake even if he yelled it out for the world to hear. “Papa loves you so much... You are the future I’ve been waiting for, this whole time... I’ll make sure you two are going to grow up safe and happy...” 
The babies gurgled in their sleep, and Sento found it incredibly, heartwrenchingly cute. 
So this is what it’s like to be a dad, he mused, contentment settling into his heart. I could definitely get used to this.
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asknarashikari · 16 hours ago
A minific of Ise and Luna? It can be how you envision their first meeting or them playing together or whatever you want!
I’ll do something a little bit like the former. Just with a twist ;))
“You chose him too, didn’t you?” asked the little girl, smiling at him toothily. “That’s why Touma can use your power.”
“I guess you can say that,” he said. “It was more like... he chose me. In spite of what I did to him.”
“That’s Touma for you.” The girl told him. “But... what are you going to do now? Thanks to him, your soul is about to be reborn...”
“Yes, it is.” He said, knowingly, sounding far older than what his appearance belied. “I can choose what I become in the next life...” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “I think... when I do get reborn, I would want to be close to him somehow. And all his friends... I’d like to meet them too. Even that weird one who talks sad all the time.”
“You mean Kento,” the girl said softly. “He loves Touma so much but he’s so scared of losing him,” she said. “And he’s willing to do anything to protect him.”
“Oh,” said the boy. “I don’t want him to be sad anymore, too.” The boy’s body started faintly glowing, and he looked at his hands in awe. “Maybe... when I’m reborn.... I could make them happy somehow.”
The girl smiled at him. “I think you definitely have a shot at doing that,” she said cheerfully.
The light surrounding the little boy became brighter and brighter, until he was barely visible through it. The girl didn’t even bat an eyelash and instead grinned even wider. “I think you’re about to find out if you could do it.”
“I hope I can!” The boy laughed, and then he vanished in a cloud of sparkles. 
And then, that very night, unbeknownst to the swordsmen who were sleeping under that very roof, a Wonder Ride Book opened of its own accord, and a great light burst forth from it, producing a single giant egg before it shut just as abruptly.
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asknarashikari · 16 hours ago
An ask from AO3! Thanks to DSrider
Slash forges at mei’s request (non interrupted nagging) a magical sword not necessarily one of the seiken but at least something to defend herself with and can channel the power of the wonder ride books
“Daishinji, have you finally lost it?” Ryo asked in incredulity, staring at the sword in his hands. “You really didn’t just go and make a brand new Seiken...?”
“I’m good, but I’m not yet that good- though I appreciate you thinking that I am,” the swordsmith replied with a smirk. He turned to the other with a stern look. “Now, you better take care of this, or I’ll take it from you faster than you can say eclair.”
He handed the blade to Mei, whose eyes sparkled with wonder as she received it. “I didn’t think you were really going to do it!” she exclaimed. 
“Well. My pride as the sacred swordsmith was on the line.” Tetsuo’s chest puffed out in pride at his creation. 
“...Somehow, the thought of Mei with a sword scares me a lot,” said Ren. “Do you even know how to use it?”
“Uh-huh! Kento and Rintaro have been giving me lessons!” she said as she put the baldric (also made by Tetsuo in a beautiful, dark leather) around her shoulder and sheathed the sword in its scabbard. 
“Have they now?” Ryo’s eyes narrowed at his two former pupils, who suddenly found the ceiling very interesting. He sighed and scratched his head. “Well, what’s done is done, I guess. And it couldn’t hurt to have you be able to defend yourself when these three aren’t around.”
“I’m just a little confused though. If it’s not a Seiken, how come it has the slot for the Ride Books?” asked Touma, pointing at the enlarged hilt.
“Oh. I said it wasn’t a Seiken. I didn’t say she couldn’t use the Ride Books with it.” Tetsuo replied. 
“Wait, what? How does that even work?” Kento asked. “Won’t she be able to transform, then?”
“She can basically use any of the ones we have, and tap into their abilities and such, the only thing she can’t do is transform.” He pouted in frustration. “I still haven’t figured that one out,” he admitted petulantly.
“I don’t know if I should feel relieved by that, or what...” Rintaro trailed off when Mei glared at him. 
“Well, in any case, now that you have that, you can stop nagging me, and I can say I’ve made my ancestors proud somehow-” 
Then, without warning, the Swordsman of Sound keeled over, fainting dead away, causing everyone to scream in alarm, save for Ryo who sighed as if this was all too common a sight for him.
“Ah, the idiot overworked himself again...” he sighed, shaking his head as the others fussed over the unconscious bladesmith. “When will he ever learn...?”
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asknarashikari · 16 hours ago
Minifics are coming up in a bit!
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asknarashikari · 20 hours ago
Ren reacts to stumbling upon one of my fanfic then tells everyone (mainly saber cast) what they thought about it. He's panicking at this moment. The last one to read it was Kento.
TBVH... I'm not that good of a writer and I'm still improving on my writing skills.
Oh. I’ve actually read this one before. I should’ve known it was that one...
Honestly I think poor Ren would be too catatonic to do much but just sit in a corner contemplating his life choices lmao. Why would anyone picture him doing the do, let alone getting pregnant? What is with his life anymore...
Everyone else... would just wonder what’s with the mpreg. Even Touma (who in my hcs is a fanfic writer, albeit he won’t write fanfic of himself and his group) isn’t into it...
Kento... poor lightning hedgehog swordsman would wish he WAS a hedgehog so he can curl up into a spiky ball and hide from the world
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asknarashikari · 20 hours ago
I thought this would be a good prompt to send its literally the start of something I was writing
W-what!?” Shotaro and his partner  had  both dropped the drinks that their client had given them feeling the effects of the drink already taking hold .The  so called Client laughed in faces of the detective how  naive they were  to  think  to  completely  trust him  now they were  the First test Subject of a New Formal  .
“Y-You poisoned  us’ Shotaro Glared at their Former Client
“Poisoned Think again,You more Transforming in a New Being “The strange man Laughed “don’t Believe me  , Look over at your  partner It seems to be progressing much Faster in him  .“ Shotaro hear Philip’s screams  of pain bracing himself on the Ground   …
...Damn. That’s dark, man
While I appreciate you sending this in, I think I would prefer to see where you go with this yourself. Hit me up when you finish it, and I’ll read and give some thoughts on it if you’d like :))
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asknarashikari · 20 hours ago
Cute idea: Emu meets a real psyduck who cuddles up to him and he’s in childlike wonder because his childhood is coming to life?
Emu better get out of the way real fast because I WILL run over anyone who gets in the way of my Psyduck cuddles <3
And yes I will find a way to manifest in the World of Riders if Psyduck exists there, that’s how much I love the ‘duck
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asknarashikari · 20 hours ago
There’s more on Takaya’s Insta
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They’re so fucking cute it’s illegal for three boys to make me so happy just seeing them
Swordboys are love, swordboys are life
I love them so much ToT I haven’t been this attached to a cast since Build asdfghjkl I’ll miss them so much when Saber ends
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asknarashikari · 20 hours ago
First batch of asks coming up in a bit!
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish my minific requests since I have quite a number but I’ll try my best~
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asknarashikari · a day ago
According to you, what are the flaws / negative traits of each main riders.
Hmm... I don’t really have a lot of thoughts on this, save for a few Riders, so I’ll do them
Shoutaro: Honestly he’s too preoccupied with the whole “hard-boiled” thing to notice how toxic it is to him. And he’s prone to blaming himself for everything that goes wrong, even though it was unavoidable given the circumstances, or he wasn’t even at fault to begin with.
Philip: He gets so caught up in himself that he doesn’t notice when he’s hurting people he cares about. Like in the movie when he insisted on trusting Maria Cranberry when Shoutaro was suspicious of her (rightfully so given the timeline of when the movie happened) and he lashed out 
Eiji: It’s kind of ironic considering reaching out and helping people is his thing, but Eiji has the tendency to want to do things on his own. He thinks he has to do everything by himself, with his own power alone, not realizing that he’s taking on too heavy a burden on himself
Gentaro: I’m sorry but... he’s just so effing dumb sometimes. And I don’t think he quite realizes that friendship isn’t really the answer to everything- to be fair, it hasn’t failed him so far, though I can’t imagine his shock once he does meet someone who he can’t befriend (as heretical as it sounds)
Sento: Like Shoutaro, he’s prone to self-blame for things beyond his control, like the things Katsuragi did, or what he did when he was under the influence of the Hazard Trigger. He’s also quite egotistical (and is a self-proclaimed narcissist).
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asknarashikari · a day ago
Funny headcanon: One way to put fear in Fruit Jesus is to go get blackmail material from his sister
You don’t need to get blackmail material from her, just get her. Her mere presence sends fear up the spine of Fruit Jesus
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asknarashikari · a day ago
Funny minific idea: The Kureshima Brothers is at one of those boring business gatherings and this pretty female business associate has been trying to flirt with Micchy. Suddenly, Takatora s notices a very familiar vine sprouting from nowhere, tripping the girl before she could do anything more with her target (bonus: somewhere in Helheim, Mai is chatising Kouta for his pettiness)
Bold of you to assume she isn’t petty enough to do the same thing too, Micchy is hers too...
“I’m afraid we must cut this meeting short, my brother and I have some urgent business we must attend to.” Takatora said as he stood abruptly, startling everyone around the table. 
“Eh? What do you mean, nii-san?” Micchy asked in confusion.
“Aw, and we were getting to all the interesting things too,” said the young woman the brothers were meeting with. “Are you sure you have to go?” she asked.
“Yes,” Takatora stated. “It is absolutely necessary that we leave at once. I apologize, but I will have my secretary call you at the soonest for a reschedule.”
“It’s alright, I suppose,” she sighed. “Will you be joining us again, Mitsuzane-kun?” she asked, batting her eyelashes at him.
“We shall see, Ayaka-san.” Takatora replied before Micchy could, “My brother is quite busy with his other duties in the company, as well.”
“Oh, I see,” the woman pouted. “Alright. I shall await your call, Takatora-san.” She bowed at them, the brothers returning the gesture. As she walked away, her heels kept getting caught in the vines that seemingly sprouted out of nowhere, tripping her up as she left the garden gazebo that the Kureshima brothers had chosen for the meeting.
“...Oh,” Micchy said, watching the vines retreat as the lady disappeared from sight. 
“If she stayed any longer she probably wouldn’t have just ended up getting tripped up by those Helheim plants,” Takatora said, half-amused, half-exasperated. “Are they always like this when someone vaguely attractive hits on you?”
“N-Nii-san,” Micchy stuttered, embarrassed. “It’s not like that...”
“Oh, it’s definitely like that,” Mai said, looking at Kouta who had his arms crossed as he pouted.
“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing.” Kouta pointed out. “It’s our Micchy after all.”
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asknarashikari · a day ago
A cute minific of the Kiryuu twins when they were still toddler?
A sequel to Finding Tosuke but it’s Yuki-centric this time :D
It’d been a few weeks since Fuyumi had found a rabbit in their yard and spontaneously decided to adopt it. The pair were inseparable, and wherever Yumi was, Tosuke was sure to be hopping about just a few steps behind. 
However, of all the people in the Kiryuu household, the one person who did not take a shine to the rabbit was Fuyuki, Yumi’s twin, of all people.
Whenever he played with his sister, he would ignore the bunny when it so much as looked in his direction. He refused to help Yumi take care of Tosuke (though Yumi did get the hang of taking care of the rabbit by herself), and he didn’t even want to pet him.
Eventually, the indifference became downright hostility, and it all came to a head one day when Yuki kicked the rabbit away from his sister while she was feeding it treats. Yumi lunged at her brother to defend her pet, and the two fathers had to force the siblings apart before their bickering became a full blown fight.
Ryuuga had brought Yuki to the kitchen, and sat him down for a talk. “What’s gotten into you? Why did you kick Tosuke like that, Yuki?”
“Because!” Yuki cried out. “He’s stealing Yumi-nee from me!”
“Stealing?” Ryuuga repeated in bewilderment.
“Yumi-nee spends all her time taking care of him now! She plays with him more than me!” Yuki pouted. “It’s all his fault that she doesn’t love me anymore!”
“Yuki,” Ryuuga chided. “Do you really think Yumi would stop loving you because she has Tosuke now? You’re her twin, she is part of you, and you are part of her. Nothing will change that.” He poked his son’s forehead.
“Then... why does she spend so much time with Tosuke?” he asked. 
“Well...” Ryuuga said thoughtfully. “Tosuke needs a lot of love, you know? He didn’t have a family until your Yumi-nee found him.” He smiled at his son. “Wouldn’t you want to have one more family member, instead of an enemy?” he asked.
Yuki blinked at him. “...I guess?” he said unsurely. He squirmed in his seat. “I still don’t like him, though...”
“It’s alright. Yumi-nee will understand you.” Ryuuga said, “But you still need to apologize for kicking Tosuke. That wasn’t a nice thing to do.”
“Do I have to...?”
“Fine... I’ll go say sorry...” 
A few days later, Ryuuga found his two twin children, sprawled out in a sunny corner of the house, their heads leaning against the fluffy belly of a rabbit sitting perfectly still, as if aware any movement would awaken them. Ryuuga watched as the rabbit settled in, its eyes trained on the two children, its ears raised in alertness.
Tosuke stood guard over his two charges, with as much love a rabbit could muster for the little girl who saved his life, and the little boy who was starting to love him too.
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asknarashikari · a day ago
Mama Emu and Papa Shinnosuke are on the warpath path....with Tsukasa right behind them? What would be the other riders reaction to those three teaming up against an enemy?
Children are in danger.
No joke, that’s basically the only* thing that would get Emu, Shinnosuke AND Tsukasa pissed off enough that they go on a collective rampage.
Which means the other Riders are probably just one step behind them, just as pissed as they are and about to open a can of whoopass on the poor sod who dared harm a child.
*Well except the imminent end of the world at the hands of a villain but that’s kind of a given.
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asknarashikari · a day ago
Just one batch of asks tonight, I’m too fucking exhausted to do much today D:
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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
Next-Gen ask!
Something lead up to Fuyuki somehow breaking the Magma Knuckle, which earns him his ass kicked by Fuyumi and a lecture from Ryuga about how even he wasn't enough of an idiot to break it. Can we see that scene?
Lol RIP Yuki
“How did you even do this?” Ryuuga asked his son in exasperation, looking at the broken halves of what was once his most powerful weapon (barring the one that involved him fusing with an omnicidal alien, but no one talks about that). “Even I wasn’t dumb enough to wreck my stuff this badly...”
“I know, Tou-chan, I know!” Fuyuki exclaimed. “I don’t really know how it happened either... I guess I didn’t gauge my strength correctly...”
Ryuuga sighed. It was true that the twins were growing stronger faster than he and Sento had when they’d been Riders, though neither of them had any clue why. If anything Sento had expected their more human genes to tamp down the Blood Clan genes they’d inherit from him and give them a more normal strength level. But no, the twins had exceeded all expectations and by the time they were both 20, they’d already achieved Hazard Level 7.
And, of course, Yuki had to have been the one who inherited the super-strength side of his powers. Yumi had gotten some of it, of course, but she wasn’t nearly as strong as Yuki was. As it was Yuki was already as strong (if not stronger) than he had been when he was at his prime.
“Papa’s gonna be so mad at me, isn’t he,” Fuyuki said forlornly. 
“Well, of course he will be, but-” Ryuuga froze as he spotted something far worse than his husband marching towards them.
“Yuki!” Fuyuki jumped as his twin sister’s voice boomed from down the hallway. “What’s this I hear about you breaking the Magma Knuckle?!”
“What- Who ratted me out?!” Fuyuki yelped, and Ryuuga groaned, shaking his head at his son’s reply.
“Tomari did,” Fuyumi replied, then looked over her brother’s shoulder to see the Magma Knuckle cracked across the center, split into two pieces. “I told you you couldn’t use it yet because I wasn’t done upgrading it! And then you went and used it in training anyway!” she cried in exasperation. “Do you know how much more work you just gave me?!”
“I’m so sorry, Yumi-nee!” cried Fuyuki, practically on his knees begging for forgiveness. “How can I make it up to you?”
Fuyumi’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Well, since you were so eager to train, why don’t we go for a few rounds in the ring?”
Fuyuki paled, and Ryuuga winced. Because while Fuyumi didn’t quite inherit his strength... she did inherit his insane stamina and healing abilities. She may not hit as hard... but she could hit for much longer than he did. 
Fuyumi grabbed her brother by the collar and dragged him to the training gym, almost as if she forgot her father was even there at all. Ryuuga looked down at the Magma Knuckle in his hands as he wished his eldest son luck, and for his eldest daughter to have mercy on her twin.
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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sorry, something happened with your original ask and I had to delete it, @askrikkaiandhyotei​
Anyways, here it is
Mei had to admit that cooking wasn’t exactly her strong suit.
When she lived alone, she almost always had her meals out, or got takeaway or something ready-to-eat at the convenience store. The most she could do was heat up a retort pouch of curry in boiling water, or fry up some eggs in a pan.
Living with the others changed all that.
Touma, upon finding out how his girlfriend had lived, took it upon himself to teach her how to make proper meals, chiding her about how eating pre-processed junk all the time would do her no good, and how much cheaper it is to eat one’s own cooking anyway. Rintaro and Kento also lent a hand, having learnt to fend for themselves in the Swords of Logos, but Touma was the one who painstakingly taught her everything from holding a knife properly to deep-frying tempura.
And, thankfully, it paid off. Mei was pretty confident in her cooking skills now, and all the better because her three partners were usually far too exhausted from their constant battles and training to eat, let alone cook.
“Hmm, what do you say, Ise? What do you think Mama should make for your fathers?”
“Mrrp?” the dragon chirped in confusion. Ise, being a dragon, didn’t really need his meals cooked, but he always accompanied his Mama in the kitchen when she was cooking. “Soba?” he suggested. (It’d been his new favorite word as of late.)
“Hmm... that’s a good idea. Something nice and cold would be quite refreshing...” 
She went to the cupboard to retrieve the dried soba noodles, as well as the condiments for the dipping sauce. It was just a simple matter of boiling the noodles in some water, mixing and heating the condiments in a saucepan, setting those aside in the fridge to cool, then slicing up the scallions and nori to serve it with. 
Then she set about making Ise’s dinner, which was just some leftover rice from lunch and some chopped up raw salmon mixed into it. It was a little disgusting with the heads and all, but Mei endured it as Ise looked at his bowl eagerly.
Mei was washing up her pots when the front door open and her swordsmen walked in, looking worse for wear. Ise jumped up from where he was napping on the couch to demand cuddles from his dads, which they were more than happy to do. “Welcome home, you three,” Mei said, shutting the water and wiping her hands off.. 
“We’re home, Mei,” Touma sighed as he bent down to kiss her, Kento and Rintaro following suit. 
“I’ll have dinner ready in a sec, I made zaru soba tonight.”
“Thanks, Mei...” Kento said gratefully as the three boys took their place at the table. “Geez, I’m starving...”
Mei served up their dinner, dividing the soba and sauce into four plates and bowls respectively, then served them up along with Ise’s dinner. She put the nori, scallions and some wasabi on a separate plate for them to share.
“This looks good, Mei,” Rintaro praised her. Mei couldn’t help but preen with pride even though she didn’t really do much.
“Itadakimasu.” The four said together, Ise joining in with his own dragon-version of the phrase, before digging in. 
“So, how was your day, you three?” Mei asked, slurping up her noodles.
“Oh... Daishinji-san had us running all over the place, and...”
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