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askgalartop315 hours ago
What is your receiving love language and giving love language?
Oh! Oh! Do you mind if we guess each other's and say if it's right or not!? Well, we're gonna do that anyway! 馃榿
I'm gonna start with Lee because his are easy. Both giving and receiving are physical touch! 馃槝 He's a hugger. Right Piers?
sounds bout right me
I'd never really thought about it... But I guess that's right. Hugs are great!
Piers... I'm guessing quality time with a dash of physical touch for giving... And quality time for receiving?
Also words of affirmation for receiving.
mmm... that...sounds right I guess. Rai yours is words for receiving
No question there. But giving? I'm not so sure. You flirt a lot, but I don't think that makes it also words. I couldn't guess beyond that.
Really? You two don't know? 馃ズ I'm hurt! It is words, mixed with acts of service! I'm a people pleaser! I flirt because its easy and it makes people happy!
Yes! 馃槶
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askgalartop3a day ago
Strangest place you have ever made out with somebody? 馃檲
Hm... An empty conference room in Battle Tower, back when it was Rose Tower.
Dang! 馃槈 I am learning so much about you through this blog! For me it's gotta be my neighbor's backyard pool when they were on vacation 馃ぃ
And you said the most illegal thing you'd done was accidental property damage!
To be fair, I had permission to be in their pool 馃槝 I was housesitting. What about you Piers?
I havent
But you're not a virgin...right?
Ive had sex. doesnt mean Ive sucked face in a weird place
I never thought the day would come when Piers is more innocent about something than Lee...
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askgalartop3a day ago
Piers yes or no, did you sleep with the plush last night?
i will neither confirm or deny anything
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askgalartop3a day ago
If you all had the chance to meet someone, who would it be??
Lance! 馃榿 He's one of the most well known and beloved dragon trainers to ever exist!
Wow, that was fast of you. Honestly, I've always wanted to meet any of the other champions. Lance included, I suppose. I'd love to have a battle with them.
never really thought about it... maybe Roxie? she seems cool
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askgalartop3a day ago
Top three fav kinks?
Nope. I am not answering this one.
You realize every time you say that I'm going to needle you for answers later, right?
I am aware. Doesn't mean I'm going to tell people something they don't need to know about me. That includes you.
Hm... So you're telling me that if I said I liked biting people, pulling on long hair, and being praised, that you wouldn't tell me anything in return? 馃槈
No. I would not.
You're blushing~ 馃槝
I am not. Besides, I don't even know if anything you just said is even true!
Only one way to find out~ 馃槝
You are terrible...
you two done?
I am.
Depends. You got something to share?
Kinky! (Lee you're blushing again btw.) (I AM NOT!) I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Now are you the one tied up or doing the tying?
wouldnt you like to know?
I would like to know. 馃槈 Does that mean you'll show me?
Ugh, lame!! Both of you are lame!
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askgalartop3a day ago
Ayyyy, so Leon and Sonia aren't a thing, but do any of you boys like somebody? 馃憖
I might. 馃槈 But I'll never tell
There's...a few people. But I'm, not interested in anything serious right this moment.
Shit, no way? Tell me who!!
Nice! Piers what about you?
Really!?!? 馃槼 Why don't you two tell me these things!?
you never asked
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askgalartop3a day ago
Now Piers, if the island situation was different and you had to survive for Marnies sake, would that heighten the odds for you?
Marnie can take care of herself for the most part. but Id still do everything I can for her. I think itd only give me better odds cause wed be working as a team
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askgalartop3a day ago
If you three were stranded on a island, who would be the most likely to survive? If there could be only one to survive that is.
All three of us are pretty well versed in living outdoors. Everyone who went through the gym challenge is. But I think it would come down pretty close with Raihan and I.
yea. I aint so suited to that
I go camping a lot still but Lee's got a lot of survival skills that I don't. It would definitely be close
That said though, I would certainly help the both of you!
Same here! I can't go letting my friends die! Especially when Piers is the one who knows how to cook!
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askgalartop32 days ago
Leon isn't it weird having your brother work for your future wife? 馃え
...Seriously? Just because I think Sonia's pretty and she's my friend doesn't mean I'm going to marry her. I said there's nothing between us, and I meant it.
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askgalartop32 days ago
If you all had the chance to raise a Pokemon that's not allowed in Galar, who would it be??
Uh Lee? Would you do the honors? I think this needs a note of professionalism
What Raihan wants me to say is that there is no pokemon that's "not allowed in Galar". There are ones we don't allow use of during the gym challenge, but any pokemon is welcome to be owned and brought here.
With that said, I think a pigeot would be interesting to train. I hear they can be mean if not raised right. Reminds me of Charizard!
Thanks Lee. This is a hard one for me to answer. Every dragon that I can think of can be found somewhere in Galar. Except for the legendaries, and I know I'm not catching any of those anytime soon. So... How about a castform? 馃ぃ Something silly and cute just to have around the gym!
the only pokemon I know of that would be interesting is Meloetta. Id like to sing a duet with one
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askgalartop32 days ago
What鈥檚 the weirdest interaction you鈥檝e all had with a fan?
Weirdest? Probably that one guy who actually proposed to me, in person, in the middle of the road. He had a ring and everything. I'd never met him before, and you can bet I scoured the internet for prank videos with me in them after. I didn't find one 馃槵
I've had a few women try to stalk me. One even went so far as to pretend to be a gym leader from another region to try and talk to me online.
most weird fans cant get near me thanks to Team Yell but I had a couple folks try to rush the stage at the end of concerts
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askgalartop32 days ago
*scoots an Oscar-sized trophy of Raihan wrapped in new headbands, an obstagoon plush the size of those giant bear plushies, and a box of jammy dodgers across the table.*
You can share the cookies with Leon. 馃槝
Heeeyy I'm not that small! 馃ぃ Thanks tho, I do appreciate it. 馃槈 Although Piers, that thing is as big as you are! How cuuuute!
dont talk to me or my new son ever again Rai
Right. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ Good call on the jammy dodgers btw. 馃槈 Lee here can't resist sweets
Just for revealing that, don't talk to me or my sweet tooth ever again.
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askgalartop32 days ago
How鈥檚 Hop and Marnie?
Also, Raihan, got any family?
Hop is doing great! Sonia's been working him hard as her assistant. He's been learning quite a lot about organization and discipline.
Marnies fine. Shes traveling the region to learn more to be a better gym leader
I just got my parents but I haven't seen 'em in awhile. They haven't lived in Galar for a few years
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askgalartop32 days ago
Let鈥檚 say if some one were to get you all a gift... what would you want most? *clicks pen*
A life sized golden statue of me 馃槈
Raihan, no one is going to make that.
No but I thought I'd put it out there
Obstagoon plush
Oh my Arceus that's adorable!! 馃ズ Ok then, I'm always in the market for new headbands 馃槈
You two are terrible. Please don't get me any gifts. It feels awkward to receive them from fans.
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askgalartop32 days ago
I believe in Leon supremacy
Do I...want to know?
How dare you!? 馃槺 And here I thought I had been so good to all of you fans! But you, you've chosen to cheat on me!!!
you say that but so far no ones asked you to go on a date with them here. startin to doubt your story
馃槶馃槶馃槶 Now even Piers is turning against me...
(Oooh... So this is saying you think I should be/am the best. Well then, thank you Anon.)
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askgalartop32 days ago
Unfortunately for all of you dear fans, Lee and Piers aren't in the habit of taking selfies
Fortunately for you all, I am 馃槈 However I think the one I am most proud of that I am willing to share is the one available on my rare card
Tumblr media
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askgalartop33 days ago
Ya'll're pan and demi right? That means you're into guys. Sooo... 馃憖馃憖 Which of you is a top and who's a bottom???
Yeah we're all into men. But, and correct me if I'm wrong you two, none of us are strictly one way or another 馃槈馃槈
I certainly dont give a ahit
It doesn't matter to me either. I find it more important that both my partner and I feel good and enjoy ourselves.
There you have it! We're a gaggle of verses!
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askgalartop33 days ago
*gives you all a kiss*
I love you too, Anon! 馃槝
Ah... The appreciation is appreciated, but please don't.
what Lee said
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askgalartop33 days ago
Piers, would you鈥 perhaps鈥 maybe... wanna go on a date?
Oh my Arceus you should have seen his face just now!!! 馃ぃ He looked so confused!
Raihan, it's not very nice of you to laugh!
Ah, sorry sorry. It's just so rare to see him so bewildered
anyway... sorry I aint goin Rai's route here. Ive dated a couple randoms. it aint worth it to me
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