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arte-misa · 4 hours ago
"i take it you like sucking balls"
– keigo takami, commenting on you drinking boba in the worst way possible
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arte-misa · 4 hours ago
Yeah? Yeah? You like it just like that? You taste so good baby *swirls tongue all over your clit, going between kitten licks to full on sucking* You don't know what you do to me baby *mumbles on your clit, the vibrations sending you through a frenzy. Places a finger in your cunt, the suction of your pussy guiding it in further and then curls it* You took it so easily babe
- Toji
*fingers get tangled in your hair pulling from it a little to keep balance, your digits stretch my pussy attacking my weak point, my knees shake when I feel your smile widen against my lips* fuckfuck, toji, if you keep doing that you gonna make come. do you want me to cum all over your face?
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arte-misa · 4 hours ago
then happy early/late easter <3 we're all gonna get some eggs, but not in our baskets if you catch my drift ;)
Pls LKAKSDKA as we should 😌
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arte-misa · 4 hours ago
*Slides your underwear off while placing a gentle kiss on your lips* Your wish is my command *rubs the sensitive nub with a smirk, going down on both knees and taking your right leg and hooking it over my shoulder* Such a pretty pussy you have *Takes a broad lick between your folds and then focusing on your clit*
- Toji
Oh my god *lets out a couple of deep breaths when your thick tongue part my folds and then suck on my clit* just right there, please *eyes closed tightly in the moment I feel you suck harder*
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arte-misa · 5 hours ago
the way gojo would absolutely get hard at the mere sight of your flushed cheeks. he loves pushing your limits, teasing and saying the most daring things just to watch you stutter and shift awkwardly. something about the way he has to grab your chin to make you look at him gets him so hot. you rile him up without even trying. he’s the biggest flirt, but something about the way you don’t know how to reply makes him incredibly intrigued.
and in bed?? OH, in BED??? he’s merciless.
“g-gojo, j-just do it already.”
“do what, exactly?” he’d poke and prod at your entrance, but refuses to give you what you want until you beg.
“you know…p-put it in…”
“you’re not acting very nice,” he’d feign disappointment, electrifying eyes practically burning holes into your own. “you know how to act nice, right, bunny? act nice and use your words for daddy.”
Cw: daddy kink
Omg the way I had to take a moment to breath and read this twice, it doesn't help that Gojo is triple my size so having him in front of me would make me flustered immediately with a smile
But anyways, getting back on topic, Gojo calling himself daddy... he's such a tease, he would have your legs on his waist looking at you struggling from above, the swollen tip hits your clit a couple of times before you beg him, please, but it's not enough, satoru wants to hear exactly what you want from him. "C'mon, baby, use your words, tell daddy exactly what you want." He painfully slides his head between your sopping folds and he feels your walls flutter around him. He's waiting for you, baby girl, so you better tell him what you need or he's not going to move a single inch
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arte-misa · 5 hours ago
shd IDK IT WAS A COPYPASTA I FOUND and i thought i'd send it to you 'cause why not <3
LMAO 💀 it's not even easter, i-
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arte-misa · 5 hours ago
Fuck baby, the way you're so needy for me *slowly runs hand down your stomach to the waistband of your underwear, rubbing achingly slow circles on your clothed clit* Beg for it baby I want you to beg
- Toji
*pushes my hips more against your fingers trying to feel you even deeper* please, please, can you touch me more? I need your fingers *words soon turn into whimpers cause my insides are aching for you, I can't even think straight*
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arte-misa · 6 hours ago
HEY ALL U EASTER BUNNY🐰🐰🐰 HOES!!! It’s the 🎉🎉Easter Bunny!! You know what that means🤔🤔🤔??? It’s time to HOP over to DADDYS house so he can FUCK😫😫💦💦💦 u like a rabbit!! Gotta get those Easter cummies!! After u and daddy FUCK 😫💦 then it’s time for ⛪️church⛪️!!! Get ready for that HOLY DICK🍆🍆😍😍 because jesus is CUMMING😩🍆🍑💦 back from the dead today to FUCK THAT EASTER BUNNY PUSSY🐇😩🍆🍑😍💦😏😉. Then it’s time for the egg hunt 🕵🕵🕵!!! U better find an egg!! Search in every HOLE😘😩 CRACK 😫😍 and CREVICE 🤗😉😏 for the GRAND PRIZE 🤑😇 getting that 🏵🌸🌺PASTEL PUSSY🍑🍣🌮 RODE 🏇🏇🏇 into the Easter sunset! Send this to all ur other EASTER BUNNY🐰🐰🐰 HOES👄😫🍆💦. If u get 5️⃣ back ur a ROTTEN COLORED EGG!!! If u get 🔟 back ur a LOADED 💋👅🙌🏻😉😏💦💦 EASTER BASKET. If you get 2️⃣0️⃣ back? UR GETTIN FUCKED 😱🍆🍑💦💦IN UR RABBIT 🐰🐇🐰HOLE TONIGHT!!!!
i'm so sorry shsghsgh </3
"jesus is cumming" omg Mae 😭😭😭 what it's this, what-
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arte-misa · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hi, i'm back from my nap <3 and I still can't stop thinking about Toji
He is that type of person/boyfriend who would fuck the sadness out of you, deep and slow strokes going in and out of you, your aching pussy feels the length of his cock stretching your walls and each of his veins makes a delicious rub that has your sobs turned into gasps instantly, every time he enters you his hips collide hard with your ass, stirring your body. "That's it, pretty girl, let me take care of you." The babbling drowns in the line of your neck with each new wet kiss that he leaves on your skin.
hi bby!! and YESSSSS ughhh i know he’d have a dacryphilia kink I JUST KNOW IT
He’d ask you what’s wrong and comfort you and pretend he understands, meanwhile his dick is getting hard and his hands are caressing your sides. It seems innocent at first until he easily slips his hand inside of your panties in one quick swoop and makes good work of your clit. He’d muffle your gasp with a deep kiss, moaning and groaning against you as your thighs shake beneath his touch out of pure stimulation.
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arte-misa · 6 hours ago
All mine »
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𓆩♡𓆪 Prompt: "If you like it there is nothing wrong with it."
𓆩♡𓆪 Word count: 4.9k
𓆩♡𓆪 Warnings: dark. dubcon, step-cest, bimbo f!reader, modern au, age up characters 18+, nii chan use, spit, dacryphilia, begging, unprotected sex, choking, cum eating, possessive behavior, somnophilia.
𓆩♡𓆪 Notes: this is for the DEBAUCHED collab, thanks to @yeagerslut for letting me participate, I had this idea for a long time and it was a pleasure to finally be able to create a story base on that theme, anyways, make sure to follow her and check the collab if you want to read the others works <3
Tumblr media
Whenever you have a memory of your adolescence Yuji comes to mind as your number one hero, he has always been by your side, he was that person who was there at your graduation when your parents and Sukuna were traveling, the first time you got drunk and also the first time your heart was broken, since the last you are sure that your bond has grown even stronger than before. Yuji has seen you break down and get up more times than he can count and that made you put all your trust in him, you would go to the end of the world if he is by your side.
You were an only child, but since your mother married Jin you haven't had to be alone since then, Itadori has been there for years taking care that no one hurt you. 'Your older brother is so sweet, but he's a little protective' is how your friends usually talk about him, he always wants to take care of you and always knows what is best for you, that is why when you sit on his legs and your plaid skirt stands up only a little allowing him to see your soft thighs and you feel that pressing against your cotton panties you don't say anything, not even that time he caress your private parts through the delicate fabric while you watched that movie that scared you so much or that time when he kiss you on your lips when you were crying because you claimed nothing fit you, you looked at him with those scared deer eyes, your long water-filled lashes moved a couple of times before your voice filled the room.
"Is this okay…?" You weren't sure, you loved Yuji, but were these things siblings did? Kiss each other on the lips like your stepfather did with your mom?
"You like it?" He asked you with that sweet tone that he always used when he tried to explain something you didn't understand, his thumb wiped away that tear that ran down your cheek. You felt your face burn but you nodded for him, of course you liked it, it made you feel tickle in your belly and in your—
"If you like it there is nothing wrong with it." He assured you by kissing where he had previously wiped your tear away. "But this is a sibling secret, it's something that Dad, Mom, Sukuna or none of your closest friends can know, 'kay?"
"Not even Nobara?" You questioned him. Bara was your best friend, there was no secret between you two.
"Not even Nobara. It's a secret that only two people who love each other very much keep."
Your eyes lit up like the streetlights in that park that you like to go so much to, you liked secrets after all, especially if they were with your favorite person on earth.
"Now get changed, do you want me to help you choose something?" Itadori got up from your side and you couldn't understand all the new sensations that your body was feeling, your heart was beating faster than normal which had your breathing agitated and you were trying desperately to dry your hands.
That night Yuji chose a white skater skirt for you and a plaid sweater that you had gone shopping together a few months ago, that same night was also the first of many where you made him come as he rubbed against your ass in Megumi's bathroom while he covered your mouth so that your moans were not heard over the music. Yuji couldn't help it. How everyone looked at you, how everyone flattered you, it made his blood boil so he had to mark you somehow, remind himself but above all to remind you, that you are and will always be his.
Since then Itadori always sneaks into your room at dawn when everyone is sleeping, you wake up to that annoying tingling that you feel in the middle of your legs that only goes away when you rub against your pillow but before your eyes finish adjusting to the darkness you feel the warm exhalation bristle the skin on your neck, your brother's teeth are digging into your shoulder as he pushes his hips against you from behind and his fingers dig into your hip.
His arms force you to stay close to his body and you are caged against his legs.
"Yuji—" you exhale on a gasp.
"Shh." He shuts you up and leaves hundreds of smooches on your neck and shoulder line that only make the wet stain grow on your little panties. You let him thrust you through the layers of fabric until you feel him wet your short pajama bottoms, sometimes he asks you to show him your stomach and he pumps himself until the white strings stain your skin or he begs you to let him see your ass, just a little bit, take off your pants for a minute; pretty, please, he tells you with a broken voice and you feel the it hit your cheeks, it's so heavy and warm, you've never seen it with the lights on but you swear it has to be just as pretty as your brother.
When he finishes he kisses your temple and falls asleep next to you or after a few minutes he leaves your room after cleaning up the mess he made with you and you have to do something to alleviate the annoying tingling that your sloppy pussy feels.
Tonight you waited for Yuji to arrive like every previous day but your clock on the bedside table read 3:00 am and there wasn't sign of the pink-haired man but that night particularly your core tingled and throbbed for attention, you couldn't sleep because every time you closed your eyes the image of your brother breathing hard on the back of your neck and rubbing his dick against you chased you so desperately you decided to sneak into his room just like he does with yours.
Thanks to the thunder of the storm that falls outside your bare feet pass inaudibly over the wood that screams under. It doesn't take you long to reach the door and turn the knob to find him sleeping peacefully between the sheets, with the quietest steps you can, you get by his side until you get on the bed and give him a peak on the nose that makes you smile, you are so happy to see him that your heart also beats in the middle of your legs.
"Yuji." You call him by poking his bare chest with your index finger but nothing you do seems to draw his attention, so you do what he usually does with you and decide to wake him up by touching the secret parts of him as well.
You carefully place yourself in front of him and begin to rub against his crotch and soon you feel it press against your ass which makes you bite your lip to keep from panting but it is impossible, it feels so good that soon his name becomes a mantra that it comes out of your lovely lips and wakes him up shortly, by the time he does, his cock hurts so much that all he wants to do is sink and empty himself inside you.
"Whatcha doing?" He asks you in a broken voice, the depth of his tone makes you squeeze your thighs against each other.
"I want to play with you, it tickles me."
It takes a few seconds for the pink-haired man to understand what is really happening, the moonlight shows him your dilated eyes and your forehead covered by a few drops of sweat.
"Look what you did, couldn't you wait a little longer?" He scolded you by removing the sheet so you could notice the growing bulge in the boxers, the size scared you so you just looked at him like a homeless puppy with a pout.
"Sorry, does it hurt?" You were sincerely worried, you didn't want to hurt him in any way.
"Actually yeah, it hurts a lot. Wanna give it a little kiss?"
Your orbs got bigger, he was right, his kisses always made you feel better so you nodded grinning and you stood up face to face with his length, the boy's sweet smile encouraged you to continue. When you lowered the garment the cock almost hit your jaw, it came out with so much pressure that it bounced against the boy's abdomen who responded with a deep exhalation.
"If I touch it, will it hurt?" You asked with your eyebrows together, it seemed to hurt him, for some reason it was trembling under your presence which surprised you. You had already touched a penis before, you had already masturbated two of your friends before but it was always over the boxers or with the lights off —a secret that your brother doesn't have to know of course, sometimes younger sisters also keep secrets— however, you had never seen one so close and you didn't know that they could move on their own, the swollen head glistening under the moon, an intense pink covered it and a transparent liquid ran through part of the base. It was as pretty as you had imagined it to be.
"No, princess. Touching it will make me feel so much better." Yuji settled on the pillows to watch you carefully, one of your hands touched it suspiciously. You seemed so adorable playing with his dick like you were a curious kid discovering her gift on a cold Christmas morning.
"It's throbbing..." you commented with wondering obviousness, you couldn't move your eyes from down there.
"Yeah? It's cuz it likes you, go ahead and give it a kiss." Itadori didn't have to repeat it, as the obedient girl you were you took the base with your right until it was fully erect and at the height of your mouth, it was then that you left a couple kisses on the tip that so much attention seemed to need and then descend towards the trunk, you held it as if it were the most delicate thing in the world which made the boy difficult to control not push his hips hard against your parted lips and force you to take it. Your kisses only made the pain worse, it was so hard that he was only thinking of sinking into that warm tight...
"Can you open your mouth for me?" You looked up to verify that you had heard correctly, to which he responded with a shake of the head, verifying that you heard correctly. You did what he asked but it still wasn't enough, it wouldn't fit. "More… just a little more. Good, atta girl."
Yuji pushed against your mouth and met the softness of your cavity and your wet tongue, you were as warm as he imagined your insides, your breath made him tremble inside you. The heavy moan made his chest rise and fall, the taste was strange to you, new, different, but nothing you couldn't bear for the person you loved even though you pulled away a bit when you felt the length touch a little further than you could resist.
"Do you want to make nii chan feel good, hm?" Of course you wanted to, you rushed to nod, your saliva was sliding down the base until it reached his balls and your jaw was starting to bother you for the position but you weren't going to refuse, you wanted to make him feel as good as he makes you feel. "Good. Stay open for me."
The movements began to be more rhythmic, the shaft was going in and out of you very slowly at first producing almost the same sounds as the fleshlight that he fucks thinking of you, your spit was making a mess but it helped Yuji to slide much more easily inside of you, inviting him to use you and let himself reach deeper, your smooth muscle felt so good under his hardness, the boy had his head thrown back panting slow biting the back of his arm, he didn't want to make too much noise because he didn't want to wake up Sukuna who was sleeping just a couple of feet to his side but shit, it felt so good every time he hit your throat.
As the rain diminished, Itadori increased his onslaught, making your low sobs be heard better also the sound of his soaked cock abusing you, now reached your own ears. For some reason the tingling in the middle of your legs only increased, you didn't fully understand but having it in your mouth made your little clit throb even more, you had come so that your brother could help you alleviate the discomfort not increase it.
You wanted to speak but your words got stuck in babbling for obvious reasons, your nails dug into his skin leaving marks, you tried to get away but Yuji locked your neck around his thighs preventing you from moving. "Wait, just a little bit more, baby, fuck— your mouth it's so warm…" The pink-haired couldn't control the way his hips were fucking your mouth, you felt so good and your whimpers around his girth still better, the vibrations ran through the trunk until it reached his balls, all he could think about was that he was sinking into your sweet pussy, his body had left the bed only to get high enough and try to get just a little deeper, the mattress shooking under you until it reached his twin brother's ears.
The pressure of his thighs was making you gasp, your vision was starting to blur and the only thing you could see was Yuji consumed by ecstasy through the clouds of water, the boy finally came out of you when he noticed that he could only see the white part of your orbs, your tears instantly spilled down your cheeks to touch your chin and you coughed a couple of times cleaning the salty currents, your throat hurt and that annoying urge to vomit appeared, all the air that entered you seemed to hurt before reaching your lungs, your sobs only made the still erect dick tremble at the mess he had made with you. "I-I didn't like that, you promised you would never hurt me and…"
Itadori fixed his posture so he could reach you and pull your hands away from your face."Sh, it's okay, 'm sorry. Sometimes pleasure comes with a bit of pain but if you didn't like it..."
You looked for his eyes between your cloudy gaze and the expression he had only made you tighten your legs more, your lip was trembling, you couldn't even respond.
"I ask you something..." The sentence was heard as a whisper, a secret shared between you and the night.
Long fingers held your chin while others went to your crotch, you wanted to prevent him from reaching where you needed it most by pressing hard but your brother had much more strength than you so he made his way easily to penetrate your shorts and touch your folds, he was completely right, you were soaked, two of his digits slipped between your slippery lips flicking them a little on your hood which made you stir a bit under his electric touch, the boy smirked at you, the darkness only showed you half of that devilish grin.
"Did you like suck your nii chan's cock?"
You couldn't keep holding your gaze so you tried to run away from him and focus on everything in the room except the feeling of his fingers going back and forth on your parted pleats, the fingertips brushing your hole. "Hm, look at me. I made you a question."
Your cheeks burned, your weak fists on your thighs began to tremble and your tears were about to run free again. "Y-yes." Hearing your voice in a thread only widened his smile and inflated his ego, after all one of the things he loved the most was to please you and teach his little sister new things.
The pointer finger on your core made ghost circles over your clit before penetrating the tight group of muscles without a warning, you were so wet it slipped inside you up to his knuckles, your walls closed against the intruder sucking him even deeper. Itadori took advantage of your semi-open mouth to give a lick in the opening that had formed which made you close your eyelids tightly, the finger curved inside you in the shape of a hook going in and out while his nose played with yours and his hot breath seeped into your cavity, his lips brushed yours.
"Yuji nii—"
"Yeah?" He encouraged you to continue sucking on your lower lip.
"I wanna feel it..."
The request made him leave you completely, a gasp filled the room when you felt empty again. "Wanna feel what? You know you have to use your words, pretty girl." He reminded you sucking on the finger that was covered in your wetness.
"Your p..."
"My cock?" You bit your lip exchanging glances between his tongue playing with the end of the finger and his enlarged pupils.
"Where do you want to feel it? If you don't use your words 'm going to send you back to your room and I won't touch you again."
"No!" You rushed to say, your eyes were burning again, you didn't like it when he was mean to you and forced you to talk, you liked it when he was the one who commanded you and you just had to obey, you liked being his spoiled little girl but you also knew that Itadori liked it when you spoke to him with those words so sometimes you made an effort to please him. "I wanna feel your cock in my little cunt, please." You knew those words, you knew exactly which ones to use, you just didn't like doing it because they made all your blood travel to your face.
"Good girl." But it was worth it for his praises. Your brother left a peak on the corners of your mouth and then abandoned you and lied back on the pillows once more. "Come, sit on it." He licked his lips slowly pumping the tip with his clenched fist to release a bit of all the desire that had built up in him. You shyly crawled to where Yuji was waiting for you, awkwardly you removed the pajama shorts and left them lying on the side of the bed along with your panties that had a stain in the center.
Your fingers were held on his abdomen, Yuji had his arms crossed behind his neck as he watched you fight to get well on top of him, he wasn't going to help you because he liked to see you struggle a little. "Don't put it inside, just rub yourself against it." You looked up from the swollen dick and parted your mouth to protest. "Do as you're told." Yuji felt your hands tighten against his skin but he was pleased when you didn't try to oppose him again, you were ready to take him inside, you wanted to feel him inside but for now you were going to settle for rubbing against him, when you sat completely on him you both gasped at the same time, Itadori had his jaw clenched to control not making so much noise and just snorted like a bull through his nose.
You were shaking like a leaf, your hands helped provide stability and soon your hips set a slow rhythm, the head tortured your clit every time you moved and the fat cock separated your lips making you feel each of the little veins that now were marked, your juices soaking the length. Your hands descended from his belly to his chest where your nails dug lightly, there you raised your ass better to be able to move better and at the same time give him a better view because you knew he liked it.
He felt every time your walls squeezed, he could only bite his tongue and curse under his breath, you were so open, he could only think how tight you would be, how well your velvet walls would hug him once he was stretching you.
"Nii chan..." you gasped very close to his jaw, the boy didn't even want to open his eyes, he preferred to sink into the darkness of his thoughts to look at your expressions of pleasure that were going to make him lose his composure. He could only purr to invite you to continue talking. "I want to feel it inside me." Shit, you were squeezing violently again, you were pressing harder, your sore button squeezing against it every time you went up and down.
"No." He wasn't going to discuss it, he couldn't even think about it... but you sure were so warm—
"Please." He could not. If he did it, he knew there would be no going back, smooching and rubbing with clothes on was something very different, there was nothing wrong with that, but penetrating you?
"I told you—"
"Please, I need your dick stretching me out, nii chan." If he wanted you to use your words, you were going to do it. You had that same smile that the boy had a couple of minutes ago, you learned quickly. "Please."
"Okay, maybe just the tip." Your eyes lit up hopefully.
In a rapid change of positions you were next to Yuji, the boy hugged you from behind, his chest against your back allowing you to feel the heat that his body emitted, one of your legs hugged his hips and you were open enough to allow him to rub the tip against your slippery folds, in a slow push you felt him separate your hole which made you squeeze instantly, Yuji wasn't going to be able to enter it if you continued this tight. You heard him say your name for you to look at back, without stopping the swing that spread your arousal throughout your slit.
His lips touched yours very subtly before silencing a plea from you, you didn't have to beg him, he needed it too. His mouth took you in a slow dance where he invited you to give him more access, he wanted to feel your tongue which didn't hesitate to suck just a little until he made you whine, when you were distracted enough he took the opportunity to push hard and enter a couple inches, you both shared an intimate moan that he drowned out again with a long kiss.
Your throbs were sucking him in so hard that it was impossible for him not to rotate his hips and enter another two centimeters. The boy kissed your jaw while he whispered how good you were being for him, with one hand he held you by the neck and with the other he hugged your waist pulling and pinching your nipples every time he remembered they were there.
With a couple more thrusts Yuji was completely inside of you, stretching your insides, making you wet his length as he felt you squeeze around him much more than his fist or his toy, you were desperate to feel him move so you couldn't help but flutter around him to feel some friction. You tried to move your hips when you felt three fingers hit your bulging pearl.
"Ah— Yuji nii, please."
"Don't move. This is what you wanted, wasn't it? Feel it inside you? Now take it, feel it throb."
Itadori held you open for him by stretching you to a point where it started to burn, feeling his dick mold your walls at his whim while his words made your tummy tickle. The same three fingers were now making slow strokes on your bud, you were trying to move as little as you could but the feeling was too much, your crystalline eyes struggled to stay open before the knot was starting to get untied in your lower belly, you took a breath of air before feeling the grip on your throat shutting off the airflow just enough to send a new wave of pleasure that ran through your legs until it fell on your clit like an electric wave.
You felt him go out just a little to re-enter with force causing you to stir in his arms, causing the room to fill with the squelches of your cunt and the smell of carnal desires, Yuji didn't know what to focus on first, there was your face, your bottom lip between your teeth and he could only see the white part of your eyes while your eyebrows were raised. Or if to look at where your bodies came together to form one, it filled him with morbid not being able to see you well thanks to the absence of light but thanks to a moonlight he could appreciate your reddened clit and your swollen outer lips.
"You're so cute." He went in and out, in and out, rocking his hips hard everytime he goes in and your skins colliding with an audible clap. "Taking me so well. You're doing such a good job, I'll reward you with my tongue later, would you like that, pretty girl?"
Your spasms became so constant that they made the boy's cock twitch inside you, getting a new wave of precum to paint your cunt. "Fuck, did you just—" the giggle set your ears on fire, your hands clenched against nothing, the hand on your throat loosened just a little to let you breathe before moving to close against you again. "I guess I'll just have to make you cum again, would you like that?"
You nodded quickly. You turned your neck so much that it was starting to hurt but you wanted a good view of your companion, you wanted to look at him and soak up his expressions, his brow was slightly furrowed as he increased the pace, the wet sounds only increased as he went faster, the artificial hair stuck to his forehead and his lips in a circular shape let out from time to time those low growls.
His chest rose and fell rapidly and you were sure he was close.
"Please, cum inside me." You begged him, you wanted to feel his seed spill into you, you wanted him to also be the first man to fill you completely, only he deserved that honor. Your hips moving back and forward to help him, his thrusts were being too loud but it was something that you didn't pay attention now, you felt so good, Itadori could only curse under his breath and bury his fingers in your skin to help him go faster, he couldn't come inside you, he knew it, that would be crossing a line that was now blurred but when he wanted to pull it out the warm liquid had spilled over your slit sliding out of you until it stained your thighs and part of the sheets.
Yuji's brain was so numb that he didn't even stop to think about what he had done, rather he went hungry towards your legs, after all he had a promise to keep. The warm muscle ran through your slit still covered in his cum from top to bottom, separating them only to penetrate you with the tongue and savor the mixture of fluids, your back arched trying to hold on to the pink strands, you took a mouthful of air when you felt how the soft lips suck your clit hard.
"That's it, cum in my mouth." Yuji was making out with your inner lips, giving it long, lazy licks with his eyes closed, focusing all of his attention on your taste and the way you melted against him. The vibrations of his humming against your opening was what led you to reach your peak, your hole clenched against his softness causing you an orgasm more violent than the first one.
The boy left your legs to cage you against his arms and before everything went black he took you by the cheeks to join you in a last sloppy kiss where he allowed you to savor yourself. "Such a sweet pussy." He muttered to himself.
You felt like hundreds of ants were walking your legs, your limbs thought even more than your eyelids. "Can I sleep here tonight, nii chan?"
You heard a very distant yes from the other side, Itadori attracted you to him and left your head on his chest to begin caressing your skull with his fingertips causing you to sink even more on his torax. "You're all mine." It was the last thing you heard before falling into a spiral of darkness that prevented you from answering back.
Tumblr media
Reblogs and feedbacks are appreciated it♡
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arte-misa · 7 hours ago
*Notices that you're ever so slightly humping my leg that was placed between your thighs* want me to take care of that princess...can make you feel real good...just say the word
- Toji
Please, Toji. I'm so needy for you, can you touch my little pussy? Please make me feel good *begs you, still moving back and forth on your thigh*
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okay but imagine you ask him to spit in your mouth, but he just laughs and smirks before saying, “why don’t you spit in my mouth, baby?”
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Dont worry baby girl I got you *places mouth on your left breast sucking until a dark purple mark appears, then takes your nipple in my mouth flicking away at the peak with my tongue while rolling the nipple of the other breast between my fingers* How does that feel baby girl?
*my hands get tangled in the strands of your hair pushing you unconsciously more against my chest feeling how the wetness in the middle of my legs starts staining my panties* T-that feels really good, your mouth feels so good
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Yonaguni »
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𓆩♡𓆪 Summary: A silly game of truth or dare makes you forget what your priorities are.
𓆩♡𓆪 Word count: 4.3k
𓆩♡𓆪 Warnings: smut. alcohol consumption, implicit dumbification.
𓆩♡𓆪 Note: this is my contribution to the all around the world collab hosted by @welcometotheclubhoe! I struggled a lot writing this one so I hope you enjoy it
Tumblr media
Once again you found yourself behind Gojo Satoru's back, following his trail like a puppy thanks to the fact that you couldn't keep up with his long footsteps, it had been that way since you left the taxi and took the elevator and it was always like that every time Yaga team you as a couple on some mission. Your whole body weighed you thanks to how uncomfortable the trip was, the tips of your feet were burning and not even mention your lower back; and now that you had finally reached your destination door you couldn't finish assimilating that you had to share a room with him, out of all your coworkers.
"Here we are." He purred with a hint of happiness in his voice, the man stopped so suddenly that you almost crashed into the width of his back if you hadn't reacted in time.
Gojo inserted the card into the door and within a couple of seconds the black color of the wood was replaced with what would be your designated room for the rest of the mission.
The first thing that struck your senses was the smell of cleanliness, the room was as spotless as the hotel appeared from the outside, and the scent of what appeared to be lavender wafted through the enclosed space, seeping into your lungs. The black colors of the front door and beige stained the walls and could be seen both in the objects and in the open curtains that didn't allow the last rays of light that bathed Yonaguni to pass through. When your thoughts stopped wandering to how expensive the place looked or how beautiful the vase in the corner was, something caught your eye.
"There is only one bed." You commented the obvious, your eyebrows almost touching each other staring at him with your head tilted.
"Yeah… there were no other rooms available but I don't think there is a problem. There isn't anything I haven't seen before, is there?" He provoked you for the nth time that week with a lopsided grin, achieving in you the same reaction as the previous days, two long fingers were in charge of bringing the sunglasses up to the bridge of his nose to look at you better.
"You!, I— ugh!" Your mixed ideas got stuck like babbling through your teeth while you took your frustration out on your blameless suitcase, throwing it too hard on the bed.
You couldn't believe that of all the people who work at the school the director decided to choose you to accompany Gojo knowing that you were not the best couple to work together, you were supposed to be focused on looking for one of Sukuna's fingers but you were thinking of everything but how to help Itadori with his new problem —which makes you feel guilty but you can't help it, his sensei is the one who acts like a hormonal teenager! While you're struggling with your ideas, Gojo by your side takes the opportunity to remove the blue shirt, if he takes a second longer with it on he'll begin to hyperventilate, the sweat from his back stuck to the garment and small raindrops begin to form on his chest.
"What are you doing?" Your eyes betrayed you wandering too long in the marked V that was half hidden inside the black pants.
"I'm going into the hot tub, are you coming?" Did you have a hot tub? You looked him up and down and for some reason your brain froze and before sending you some appropriate sentence it preferred to send all your blood to your cheeks, without knowing what to properly answer him you turned on your own heels and almost ran away to the bathroom. You closed the door with the lock and you fell on the toilet with your hands sinking in your face, you exhaled with force all the frustration that you have been carry on your shoulders for weeks, how were you going to spend this weekend sleeping in the same bed with him while at the same time resisting his cheekiness and shameless acts?
You took the phone out of your back pockets and sent a quick message to Mei Mei that didn't take two minutes to reply, in fact she was anxiously waiting for your text while checking her bank account waiting for the new entry of money, another bet won.
You: the fuck am I gonna do with Gojo?
MM: he keeps teasing you?
You: yeah...
MM: you just have to play his own game. He's not going to resist having someone play along with him, he keeps bothering you cause you don't face him
You stopped to read the last message for a long time, exchanging glances with the screen, the flashing push button to start writing and the sink in front of you. Maybe she was right? Maybe he took advantage of you because you felt intimidated by his presence —Mei Mei didn't understand why tho, Gojo Satoru was a clown, she assured, but has she seen him head on? The man was almost twice your height and he always knew what words to choose to make you warm up and leave you stuttering— besides, you haven't even had the courage to face him and discuss about the issue, you should tell him that you need to talk and that way you would put him in his place; the speech of what you would say went through your head like a flashback. 
Yes, that's definitely what you would do. 
You put your phone back in your pockets without responding to your friend and you got up determined to face him, you wet your face a couple of times to reduce the heat on your cheeks and forehead and you stopped to observe your reflection.
"You can do this." You assured the you of the reflection that didn't seem very convinced of what you were saying.
When you came out of the bathroom there was no sign of Gojo anywhere so you knew that he had entered the hot tub. Before you could move again to throw up the planned speech you had for him in his face the door rang about twice before hearing a resounding, "Room service."
You turned the knob only to find a friendly gentleman with a mustache dressed in uniform with the colors of the hotel who was holding a bottle of champagne and two crystal glasses in his hands. You were about to reject him because he got confused with the floor when a familiar voice broke in the conversation. "Can you bring them to the hot tub, love? I'm waiting for you." You smile awkwardly and before you gave him an explanation that he didn't ask for...
"Enjoy your evening, miss Gojo." He concluded with a sincere smile disappearing down the long hall.
You filled your lungs with fresh air before heading to your mission partner now with the new items in hand. "What the fuck, Satoru?"
"Hm thank you, baby." He purred, half rising from the bubbling water to help you with the bottle, his chest was stained with white foam and his black glasses matched the color of the hot tub, his hair half ruffle sticking to his forehead though it was not quite wet yet. "Why don't you come in? It's really hot and the plane killed my back, I hate traveling on planes they never have enough room for my le—"
"Gojo." You caught the attention of the white-haired man and yours who was already rambling back on his fucking titties, you wanted to hit yourself. Satoru raised his head, stopping midway from pouring the foamy liquid into one of the glasses. "Listen, this is a very important mission, we should be vigilant, don't you think?"
"Love, you need to relax, have you forgotten who I am? You offend me." He gave you a half smile, tilting his head forward, the blue of his eyes barely showing through the edges of the dark glasses. "Come in. Besides we need to talk, don't you think?" He asked the last question in a different tone, you refused to believe that Gojo Satoru could take a topic seriously. 
Yet he was right. You couldn't keep pretending that one of your coworkers didn't see your nudes by mistake, god, you just didn't know how you could have been so clueless. You wanted to bang your face against the wall every time you remembered the voice notes he sent you whistling and telling you how hot you looked in those tiny panties. In a hurry you undressed and left everything thrown aside on the floor, you could feel his gaze even behind the glass observing every step you took until your body was submerged in the cold water and covered by the layer of foam right in front of him, the bubbles began to massage your body and you swore you almost let out a gasp of how good it felt.
The tallest offered you one of the glasses that after doubting a couple of seconds you took, you cleared your throat after a long sip that you hoped would serve as a magic potion to give you the courage that you lacked. "Well, I—"
"Wait, what's the fun of getting straight to the point? Why don't we play something?" He proposed after having a drink from the glass, of course, there was the Gojo you knew. You were about to deny his offer and get out of the water but you remembered your friend's advice, play his game, go with the flow, was she referring to this? You nodded to encourage him to continue speaking and imitated him bringing the crystal to your lips for a second time. Your action made him show you his teeth, it couldn't be true, the great [y/n] who always seemed to never break the rules was getting carried away by the great sage and strongest sorcerer of all. "I have truth or dare in mind, just to distract us a bit."
"Can I start?" You rushed to speak and thought that Mei Mei would be proud, then you didn't know it but Gojo already was.
"Sure." He replied nonchalantly, clicking his tongue.
"Truth or Dare?" He pretended to think about it by finishing what little of his drink was left in one gulp.
The blue-eyed has been playing with you like a cat with his prey since you got to school, enjoying every time he manages to make you nervous or every time his actions cause you to eat your own words. "What do you want from me?" Was it the right question? Maybe not, anyway, it was the only thing you wanted to know.
"I just want to make you feel good, [y/n], help you relax a bit. You are always so tight, damn."
"W-what? What does that mean?" You moved on the opposite side of the hot tub still processing how your name was heard on his lips, did you imagine it? He never called you by your name, for him you were always baby, love or even doll, any nickname that managed to increase your temperature, never your real name though.
"One question per person. More?" He replied raising the crystal glass to which you nodded too quickly to his surprise, you just wanted to continue because his answer left many more doubts open. The white-haired man took the bottle from the floor and got up to walk closer to you which made you give you a brief image of the well-trimmed pubes and the beginning of the trunk of his cock.
"Oh my…" you rush to look away blinking a couple of times and you hear that annoying laugh followed by a 'daijoubu desuka?' from his side, his presence was only inches away from you. "Are you fucking naked?" You questioned incredulously, marking each word too much.
"Of course I'm naked, how else am I going to relax? Now, fix the glass, love or you're going to drop the champagne." You pressed your lips against each other until they transformed into a tight straight line and forced yourself to look at him again, this time he was sunk in the cold water as before, you could only appreciate him from the chest up but now that you knew he was not wearing nothing at the bottom you weren't sure if you could keep acting like the brave person you're pretending to be.
You held the glass with both hands and waited for him to finish spreading the champagne. "Truth." You answered a question that hasn't been asked yet.
Satoru returned the bottle on the floor and being closer to you he took the time to take a long sip before answering, as if he was weighing his next sentence. "Who were you sending nudes to, sweet innocent little lamb?" You were shaking your head before he finished speaking. "You cannot refuse, those are the rules of the game."
"Anything but that, I can't tell you." You looked away from his field of vision, biting the inside of your cheeks. If you told him that you were sending nudes to one of his closest friends you would be digging your own grave.
"Boo! Party pooper."
"I wanna change my choice." You looked at him again. "Dare."
"Hm, so... I dare you to take off your bra." Gojo saw your eyes widen and waited patiently for you to refuse, there was no way that— oh wait, were you really doing it? What had happened to the you who hit him on the shoulder for simply hinting at a two-way joke and running off when he found you alone in the hallways?
The man waited and observed you patiently to get rid of the bra with one hand until he saw you throw it on the floor with your other clothes, he could not believe what his eyes were showing him and he cursed what his almighty eyes could not show him, damn foam. "Truth or Dare?" You asked him without stuttering, you blamed alcohol for your new layer of security but it was all due to the adrenaline rushing from your toes to your fingernails tickling around the glass, you were shaking but your instincts to fight or run were activated.
Satoru clicked his tongue before replying that he chose Dare. "What? That's not fair, you are supposed to choose Truth."
"Sorry, sugar, there are no patterns for this game, so." He shrugged, satisfied that he finally managed to get under your skin. You weren't going to let him get away with it.
"Ok fine, I dare you to tell me what you did with the photos I sent you by accident."
"I deleted them just as you requested." He answered sincerely, stretching out a long arm that almost touched your opposite shoulder. It was the first time you noticed how close he was.
"Did you like em'?" Your tongue had moved before your brain finished processing that thought, certainty you didn't care what your annoying partner thought about your photos.  Gojo knew he didn't have to answer because it was one question per round but still he felt merciful and curious at the same time, he wanted to test the waters.
"Yeah, you're so fucking hot, I thought you already knew that. True or dare?" W-what? Did he say what you thought he said or is it just the effect of adrenaline buzzing in your ears? However it wasn't something that mattered because his opinion doesn't mean anything to you, why did he look at you like that? Oh right, you still hadn't responded. You exhaled your nerves and with a throat clearing you chose the second option.
"Do you wanna see my dick?" You covered your mouth to cough because you choke with the champagne, the sorcerer beside you laughed at your reaction; you hated the show you were giving him. "I think that way we would be in the same position and we could close that topic there."
"I— no." You are quick to lie. Suddenly you noticed how dry your mouth felt.
"Do you… wanna feel it?" You threw your head back and drank all that was left of the liquid in one gulp, you would need it if you were going to honestly answer the following. You had nothing to lose, right?
"Y-yes?" You confessed in a questioning tone.
Your partner was smiling at you, he wanted to confirm that you were sure. "Yeah?"
"Yeah, sure, whatever..."
"Ok cool. Give me your hand." Satoru Gojo got closer to you, being face to face, he was kneeling on the floor and took your right hand to guide you and oh, the white-haired man almost laughed again at your face, the temperature had risen or why did you feel that you could not breathe properly? All the summer steam seemed to be plugging your nostrils. Your open hand was groping the length and you blinked several times trying to avoid his gaze, he was, he was really hard. "You are… you're erect."
"Yeah, it's because of you." Oh my goodness, does he ever shut up? "It's ok, you can touch it. Close your hand, I'll guide you."
His words took effect on your body and your palm immediately relaxed into a weak fist and his fingers locked over yours helping you move back and forth. The sorcerer wasn't too thick but you could feel how long it was every time he moved in and out of your now clenched fist. "That feels good." He admitted licking his lips, the tone in his voice changing, decaying a few deeper notes, different from the tone he normally uses with you.
Your hand released him without warning and the act took him by surprise. "Truth or Dare?"
"Oh, do you really think this is still about the game?" His hands caged you against the walls, holding the edge of the hot tub behind you preventing you from being able to flee from him or his imposing presence, his eyes looking at you from above. "Do you want me to stop?" Gojo got closer to you and for the first time you were aware of where you really were, from the fifth floor you could see almost over the entire city and think that you were so outdoors that anyone could look out and see you two but at the same time so protected because no one could see you at that height it caused a shiver of excitement that traveled all over your back until it stopped at your core and forced your little clit to throb.
"Do you?" Your sight returned to the man who held you prisoner, his body was practically on top of yours, drowning you with his height. The spirit of all the advice that Mei Mei has given you took hold of you and you took his cheeks between your hands, so small in comparison to him, by then Satoru was so close that you could feel the long dick heavy against your tummy. You took the time to appreciate the details of his face, before breaking the space that divided you and joining your lips together.
Your partner was surprised, so much so that it took him a couple of seconds to order his lips to move and keep up with yours —he never thought that you would end up being so brave but it was to be expected, you had the attitude, you just needed to give yourself a little push, he soon invited you to give his tongue space to search for yours, his fingers released the edge to search your ass under the water and squeeze it cheekily stealing a gasp that made him smile against your mouth, by then your bodies were so close that they could pass as one, somehow your legs were around his hips and your boobs were crushed against his chest; his big hand crossed the valley of your thighs until they reached the opening of your pussy.
"Satoru—" you gasped in surprise as you felt his fingers make ghost circles in your tight hole.
"Tell me when to stop." With his left hand he subtly helped you open more for him, your arms held the man in front of you as if your life depended on it, with the pad of the middle and ring finger he moved from your entrance towards your clit dedicating brief strokes that only left you wanting more and swapping between making long circumference on your pearl and pressing your pussy lips with an open palm, not moving, just leaving it there pressing enough to awaken a flame in you that burned from within while you struggle with your own breath, he wasn't looking to give you pleasure at all, he just wanted to provoke you— as always.
"Put it inside—"
"What? Didn't hear you." The fingertip of his thumb played with your sore bud, moving it from side to side and with his remaining fingers he was in charge of flickering your inner lips, your legs closed on his wrist.
"Put your fingers inside me."
It took Satoru a short time to realize that he liked listening to you, he liked it when you used the exact words he wanted to hear, he liked this version of you that he didn't know and it increased his ego. "Ask for it nicer." The son of a bitch flashed you a smile that almost showed his teeth. "Say: please, Satoru; please put your fingers inside me."
"Fuck y— shit!" your words fell into a scream that was drowned out in the silence of the night as one of his fingers crossed your tight ring of muscles.
"So I was right to think you were tight, you just need someone to make you feel good..." His long finger curled inside of you, moving in and out starting a slow pace. "Don't you? It's okay, Satoru is gonna take good care of that pretty pussy." You couldn't help but flutter at his words and that only encouraged him to continue; "Oh —that fucking chuckle— so she likes it when I talk to you like that, hm?"
"Please, Satoru." Your shaky voice and cloudy thoughts couldn't help you come up with another sentence beyond a pathetic plea which he enjoyed, god, he loved seeing you like this, watching your thoughts melt one by one under his touch until the only thing left in that pretty head was his name followed by your pleas.  The man introduced a second finger tilting both up angrily attacking your weak spot, your eyelids were so tight that you began to see white, your agitated breathing had your head spinning.
"Be a good girl and open your eyes, c'mon."  Your thighs closed around his wrist trying to get away from his touch but his sadistic laugh let you know that no matter how hard you tried to run you had nowhere to escape, he was not going to stop. "Are you close? Open your eyes, you gonna cum?" 
You tried to recompose your emotions and some of your dignity to finally open your eyes, you couldn't let him control your willpower as if you were his doll, however, the image in front of you made you moan louder than you expected increasing the god complex that already had the strongest self-described of all. "If you're like this because of my fingers, I don't want to imagine what it would be like to have you riding my dick, pretty girl, I bet you would just cum with my fat tip stretching you nice and deep." Satoru was looking at you over the glasses with his lips parted and his eyebrows almost touching each other as his hand increased in speed, he seemed to be focused on one of the most important tasks in the world. "Give it to me. Cum on my fingers."
His last words are the last thing you need and a couple more pumps of his expert digits scissoring your insides so your constant spasms give you away. "Fuck, yeah. That's it." You have to hold on to his neck with all the strength you have left so as not to fall collapsed in the hot tub, your nails dig lightly into the nape of his neck and you drool the line of his neck without being aware of it.
Satoru keeps pushing his fingers in and out of your aching walls, feeling every second that your orgasm lasts until he feels that your walls have no strength to keep squeezing.
It is when the pair of intruders come out of your warm hole stealing a gasp that you hide yourself kissing the wet skin of his shoulder, you feel so empty now that his fingers have stopped pumping you and when the endorphins of your violent orgasm begin to diminish the heat of shame returns to tease and seize the apples of your cheeks. The big arms enclose your waist and you hear him call your name for the second time that night and it sounds so refreshing that it almost awakens butterflies in your belly.
Against your will you raise your head from your safe hiding place and stop to look at him, his palms caress your back and shoulder blades in a strange way of what you feel like aftercare and his eyes that you cannot see, you feel that they examine with special care the details of your face, Gojo sees you open your lips and knows what you are going to say so he prefers to shut you up with a long and sloppy kissing session, his tongue caresses yours making you purr like a kitten against his mouth. By the time you move away you curse yourself for how aroused you are again.
"Let's go to bed. We can keep pretending to play truth or dare. Or, I can use you as my cute doll and fuck the stress out of you. How does that sound to you?"
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Tumblr media
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his hypnotic voice in your ear telling you how cute you are and what he is dying to do to you while his thick fingers run down your thigh sending shivers through your entire body, every time your muscles tense you feel that deep and raspy laugh caress the line of your neck, his teeth bite the smooth skin and his breath kisses the line of your expuse shoulder. "Such a pretty little thing, be good and open those legs for me, I wanna feel how wet you are just from my words."
warning: fingering, cum eating
and when he presses his fingers in the moist patch on your panties, he chuckles, "this wet for me already? i barely fucking did anything.” a little whine escapes your lips as you start to buck your hips every time his fingers graze against your clothed core, making him smile and tilt his head to the side, "use your words princess, what do you want?", he keeps teasing you, giving you soft strokes that have you whimpering and grinding because it’s not enough. and when you finally give in to his touch and tell him that you want his fingers inside you, he’ll just let out a low hum, heavy breath against your neck, “that’s my pretty good girl”. long digits tossing your panties to the side, catching a glimpse of the string of slick still connecting to them, liking his lips at the sigh of your glistening pussy clenching at nothing. toji coats his fingers on your arousal, using it as a lube to start thrusting into you, stretching you nice and deep as his thumb starts circling your clit slowly. overwhelming you and having your legs shaking every time he hits deeper and deeper. mind hazy whenever he reaches for your sweet spot over and over again, vice grip on one of your thighs, squeezing the soft flesh, using his strength when you try to close your legs at the intense pleasure. he laughs quietly at the mare image of your weak body quivering just from his touch, looking so helpless, so little compared to him. and when he feels your walls flatter around him, he just goes faster, and you can see how the muscles of his arm flexes everytime he ruts into you, how every vein makes its presence on his pale skin at each assault at your pooe little count. managing to knock the breath out of your lungs, mouth falling in a silent scream when you feel yourself coming undone.
he pulls out slowly from you, shoving his fingers in front of you, putting them apart and then back together as your juices drip down from them, "look at the mess you made doll, clean it up." you eagerly take them into your mouth, sliding your tongue in between and sucking, tasting yourself until you let them go with a loud pop. “now, come sit on daddy’s lap because this isn’t over yet.”
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*Takes thumb out and traces it down your chin all the way to your breasts, giving it a firm squeeze* Take off your top
*nods hurrying to remove the garment, your gaze makes my nipples feel even harder* I need you mouth on em', please
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Hows your day
Hi sweetie, so far it has been a good day, I feel that I have advanced in some wips that I had and I was also able to relax a little, now I'm making dinner, thanks for asking. How are u? How was your day? ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡
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Good girl *lowers voice to a whisper near your ear* now suck it, give me a preview of what's to come
- Toji
*gasps against your thumb and squeeze my thighs together to calm a little the annoying throbbing, soon my tongue begins to circle the pad of your finger, slightly bobbing my head up and down*
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Hello please reblog this if you're okay with people sending you random asks to get to know you better
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah, my bf's pretty cool but he's not as cool as me 🤘💭.
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