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anonknown · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
“how’s that target on your back feel?”
[Neil Josten]
more of my art on my instagram <3
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anonknown · 23 hours ago
I noticed that Neil's body positivity in Fandom is focused on him being sexy and showing skin and wearing crop top, skirts, and skinny jeans, rather than on his personal comfort. I think this comes from the newer body positive concept that one has to be sexy to feel powerful and one has to be fuckable to be worthy.
Neil is attractive, but he is no longer conventionally attractive. And he likes it that way, because with the face mutilation, although people stare at him now, he doesn't look like his father.
That being said, he still doesn't want to show more of his scars. He can't hide his face and wear mittens all the time, but he can still wear long sleeves when he wants to or even just wear baggy tee shirts and looser jeans.
The scene where Andrew bought Neil clothes for Edens, he made sure they were actually his size, but still fully covered his body and would be comfortable. They're black cargo pants with many pockets and are practical, the long sleeve shirt has rips but has fabric underneath, the boots are heavy and practical and Neil thinks about keeping them. Andrew didn't dress Neil up to objectify him at Edens, he gave Neil those clothes because Edens is an alt club and Neil learns when they get there that he definitely would've stood out more without them, and Andrew dressed him conservatively compared to the rest of the club attendees.
I personally really don't like the idea that Neil has to overcome his truama by putting it on display or prove that he's not bothered by his scars by showing them off all the time.
As someone with scars on my torso and back, the truth is? People will look at them and make comments. I've gotten a lot of comments over the years about it, anywhere from "I mean... They're kinds cool if you think about it!" To "wow your skin looks like a ballsac". I've had ex roommates ask if someone held me down and did it, just point blank. I've also had people assume how I've gotten them and I've also had people just openly ask about them, curious. Its not unusual for me to wear a tank top and notice the person isn't making eye contact with me 50% of the time because they keep accidentally looking at one of my scars instead.
And the thing is? Medically speaking my scarring is considered very mild. Sure, there is a lot of it, but its mild. Neil has severe scarring, neil asks the FBI if he even still has enough face left for the press to recognize. When I see people play down Neil's scars or try to write them off as "actually attractive and add to his features" or "interesting" it annoys me. I also see neils scars reduced a lot in art, which also I personally find offensive. People are allowed to do what they want, but as a person with scars I'm not a fan.
If people with scars want to write about him finding them sexy and showing them off, or getting all those steroid shots and creams, or not having keloiding? go ahead project how you want, it's just not for how I see Neil and not for my personal taste in body positivity.
I want Neil to have more scars than me and my friend. We were always the most scarred people we knew, him more than me, but it was still considered pretty mild from a medical perspective.
Personally, I want Neil's scars to be bad and objectively startling and "unattractive", not "interesting" and "actually make him hotter". Because Neil doesn't want his scars to make him hotter, he's just greatful he looks that much less like his dad now, and that he's still alive. Neil doesn't care about being fuckable or hot or sexy, so why would his body positivity reflect those ideas?
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anonknown · a day ago
I don't know what fandom this is? what is this?
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anonknown · a day ago
spiritually we are all sharing a cigarette by an open kitchen window
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anonknown · a day ago
Weird AFTG headcanons I have
We all know Neil is a little shit, so when the girls introduce him to brunch, he goes out of his way to never use the proper names for meals again. Andrew hates this. He has to hear Neil saying words like linner and dupper on the regular and it drives him insane to the point of genuine anger every time Neil does it ((Neil 100% knows Andrew hates it but he’s a rascal))
How Americans make tea drives Neil batshit crazy and there’s nothing he can do about it
Matt asks Nicky and Aaron to teach him German. Aaron refuses but Nicky is just happy to have a way to bond with his new roommate so he agrees. Andrew starts learning Russian with Neil the second he finds out. Also, Matt is bad™️ at German
Speaking of Russian, Neil and Andrew definitely have normal conversations in mean tones while casting rude looks at people around them so that people think they’re bitching about them
This is a weird one, but Dan is definitely a sticky note girl. She’s just got hundreds of them stuck everywhere to remind her to do things. If you ever need a sticky note, Dan’s the girl for it. This has ruined several surprises because she’s just left reminders about it lying around
I can see Renee being a jewellery fan. Not like fancy expensive stuff, but like the kinda tacky shit you find at markets and buy when your on vacation. I can see her having boxes full of it and the foxes buy her more on Christmas/ her birthday
Yes, Andrew and Neil do have a stepping stool to reach high shelves in their apartment. No, nobody is brave enough to mention it
if Nicky sees someone crying on campus he will be asking them what’s wrong. His advice is consistently unhelpful
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anonknown · 2 days ago
Every now and then I’m going about my day, then I remember that scene in The King’s Men when Nicky and Matt and Allison start brawling with the other team, and Kevin goes to join in and Neil gets in his way and drags him around the fight so Andrew won’t get involved.  Just picture this: 5′3″ Neil manhandling 6′1″ Kevin on the court, all so 5′0″ Andrew won’t kill somebody with his bare hands.  Iconic.
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anonknown · 2 days ago
Yeah I have tumble friends *likes mutuals post* see we are communicating
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anonknown · 2 days ago
I do love how in all for the game everyone is either short or giants.
Andrew/Aaron ~ 5’0
Neil ~ 5’3
Renee ~ “short”
Dan ~ “slightly taller than Neil”
Allison ~ ??? Long legs and heels
Nicky ~ shorter than Kevin
Kevin ~ over 6’0
Matt ~ 6’4 + hair
But also:
Riko ~ 5’5
Jean ~ 6’5
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anonknown · 2 days ago
Kevin both knows how to moonwalk, and will moonwalk backwards to get away from personal non-exy related conflict, Nick Miller style
this is what he's really teaching neil every night and when he plays his final game neil tells him to moonwalk out of the foxhole court
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anonknown · 3 days ago
Andrew: what are you doing?
Neil, laying on his back on the roof eating a granola bar: solving my problems
Andrew: how you gonna do that
Neil: i think I'm just gonna hit em, I think I just gotta hit em real fucking hard
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anonknown · 3 days ago
top 5 flowers
In no particular order 
1. Amaryllis
2. Snapdragon 
3. Lavender 
4. Orchid 
5. Bird of Paradise 
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anonknown · 3 days ago
top 5 movies of all time?
This is in no particular order, picking movies is hard because I watch more TV than movies.
1. Howl’s Moving Castle 
2. Stick It
3. Hercules 
4. Mulan 
5. Gaia 
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anonknown · 3 days ago
top 5 places you’d wanna be rn
1. The movies 
2. New York City 
3. Car ride
4. My friend’s old basement 
5. New Orleans 
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anonknown · 3 days ago
Top 5 of the Foxes 😅
1. Andrew
2. Renee
3. Kevin
4. Neil 
5. Dan
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anonknown · 3 days ago
put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go
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anonknown · 3 days ago
ever get reblogged by a person who makes the best content in your field and feel like………… you’ve been declared knight by the queen or something
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anonknown · 3 days ago
Dan: Don’t tell your mother...
Allison: Kiss one another...
Everyone, ready to hold him back: NEIL NO!
Nicky walking in late: Cool for the summer!
Andrew, watching it all go down: Nice job idiots.
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anonknown · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is how it went right
and then kevin day, my beloved, is just sitting there like an absolute king
Tumblr media
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