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andromeda-six · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Episode 5 left you all with quite the cliffhanger. Have you prepared yourselves for what comes next? 🩸
Play Andromeda Six now!
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andromeda-six · 6 days ago
Join me on Patreon!
Are you an A6 fan looking for a way to pass the time between Episodes? Come and join me on Patreon! 
(queue the shameless self-promo post)
Whether you’re interested in learning more about the characters through official headcanons, wanting to read some lore stories, or just be entertained by some short and sweet smut, there’s plenty over there to browse through.
Some of the headcanon lists I’ve done so far include:
• Christmas/Halloween/Valentine’s Day •  A-Z NSFW •  Intimacy •  The Three Queens •  Peg’asi Siblings
…and this month I’m working on Morning/Night Routines with the LI’s!
Excerpts from a few of my stories:
We had been leading up to this all night. Drinking, laughing, joking about what it would be like… the three of us in bed together. Damon was down for it, which was no surprise to any of us, but what did surprise me was that Vexx was willing too. His eyes are on me, his stare so intense I half expect he’d launch himself across the room just to murder Damon if he hadn’t already agreed to this. But there’s something else behind his eyes, something dark and depraved. He wants to watch. Ménage à Trois | Vexx x f!Traveler x Damon (NSFW) • • • • • • • • • •
A gunshot rips through the peace of the clearing, tearing it apart with wicked claws. He barely feels it at first, barely notices the pain as his wild gaze darts to you, terror squeezing at his chest as he scans you for wounds. He feels it then, in the widening of your eyes, the way you scream as your head snaps towards him. He hadn’t realised his hand had moved of its own accord, had covered the wound and pulled away wet and sticky, the copper scent of blood drifting upwards. Never Again - Vexx (Episode 5) • • • • • • • • • • She leans over the piano, sharing a few words and a brief smile with the musician seated behind it. Then she shrugs off her fur shawl, tossing it over the dark laquer and revealing the black dress she wears beneath, cut in a way that leaves her shoulders bare and her skin glowing beneath the dim lights.
“Like what you see?” Sorenn nudges him in the arm, his mouth quirked in amusement. Calderon scowls at the teasing but finds his eyes immediately drawn back to the stage. “You know her?”  he asks his friend, attempting to sound indifferent though he knows he’s anything but. “You don’t?” Sorenn raises an eyebrow, letting out a disbelieving laugh when he realises the man is absolutely clueless. “That’s Selah Ursa,” The Prince leans towards Cal, his voice cutting through the soft jazz that begins to flow through the club. “Songbird, they call her around here.” Calderon frowns, but his eyes remain firmly fixed on the woman, watching as she sways her hips with the music, positions her ruby-red lips in front of the microphone. “Why?” Sorenn laughs, sitting back in his seat and taking another sip of his drink. “Shut up and listen. You’ll find out.” Trouble and Songbirds | Calderon • • • • • • • • • •
A quiet growl escapes him, the sound rounded off with a hollow, metallic edge as he descends the steps of the Palace, having been banished from its marble halls while his master takes care of business with the King.
Like an unwanted dog, he thinks bitterly to himself, heading for the shade of the Palace gardens in a bid to kill time.
The sun hangs high in the sky, its golden rays finding a way through the flowers that creep over the archways he ducks beneath, the ones that form a tunnel of foliage. He watches the way the light lays dappled on the stone path beneath his feet and reflects off of his gunmetal armor.
Everything in this place is beautiful. Beautiful and horrible, all at the same time. Everything except him.
But at least the gardens are quiet, and for once he has a few, precious moments of peace, alone with his own thoughts. He tries to be happy for that. The Protector- Nerissa/KY-L3 • • • • • • • • • • Groaning lowly as I open my eyes and greet the new day, I stretch out my arms and turn on my side in an attempt to get comfortable. I can tell it’s morning, simply by how rested I feel, and by the sight of Ayame, sprawled over the bed next to me. I rub at my eyes lazily, looking over at her, fast asleep. A smile curls my lips at the sight. It still amazes me that she’s mine. I don’t even mind that she hogs the bed and steals all the blankets during the night. Her dark hair falls over her eyes and when I gently brush it away she makes a small sound, almost like a purr. My fingertips trace her skin, down her throat, over her shoulders, her skin so soft and smooth. Wake Up Call | Aya x Traveler (NSFW)
There are THREE tiers to choose from!
Scribbles ($3) • Access to A6 headcanons (will occasionally be NSFW) • Access to all Reward stories (posted whenever I meet a Patron goal)
Stories + Scribbles ($5) • Everything from the previous tier+ • Access to all SFW short stories (2-3 new SFW stories per month)
All Access Pass ($10) • Everything from the previous tiers + • Access to ALL short stories, including NSFW (2-3 new NSFW stories per month) PLUS I do one public post per month, so if you can’t pledge to a tier, you can follow and check out the public posts for absolutely free 😄
Consider joining my community on Patreon and gaining access to some great posts! All of the support I get from my amazing Patrons means so much to me, and helps to keep me creating content for everyone to enjoy  🥰
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andromeda-six · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this was the first time i drew these 2 and this is what i chose to do with it
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andromeda-six · 17 days ago
The Peg’asi Siblings | Sorenn 🛡️
• Sorenn was always a well-behaved child, who was gentle and kind, just like his mother. • Unfortunately this meant that he could also be naive, and he tended to go with whatever plans his father laid out for him, without question. • He was close with Noa while growing up, the two of them being only a couple of months apart in age. • Eventually, as they grew older, Noa became impatient with his brothers willingness to go along wih whatever their parents wanted, and the two of them drifted apart. • Sorenn never stopped caring for his brother, and would often stop by his apartment to check up on him. His worrying, however, only made Noa even angrier. • He was also very close with his sister Elettra, who was in the Guard with him and who he admired, though the two of them had very different dispositions. • He was kind to Traveler whenever they saw each other, and made more of an effort than most of the siblings (besides Nerissa) to take an interest in them. • Unfortunately, like Elettra, he was busy with his life and wasn’t often around the Palace. • When he did return to the Palace, it was usually to visit his mother. It hurt him to see her in the condition she was in, and he knew he didn’t visit as often as he should. • He felt guilty knowing that Arlo and Elettra made more of an effort than he did to look after her and keep her company, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it most days. • Sorenn was a Captain in the Guard, stationed in the Gold District where his soldiers were tasked with general law enforcement. • He kept an apartment in the Gold District, though split his time between residing there and at the Guard facilities in the GD. • During his time training with the Guard he met Calderon and Jasper, and they became friends. • Sorenn enjoyed the easy pleasures of the Gold District - music, food, and entertainment. He and Jasper would often drag Cal along with them on their night’s out. • When the trio had graduated from training they were stationed in different Districts - Sorenn in Gold, Jasper in Silver, and Cal in Bronze. • Though after this they didn’t spend as much time together as they had, Sorenn knew the pair were only a phone call away should he ever need anything. • He was recently heading into an arranged marriage with a woman he met only weeks before the wedding. • As soon as he lay eyes on her he was smitten, and on his wedding day he couldn’t have been any happier. • His bride-to-be seemed to share the sentiment, and the two of them were looking forward to starting a life together. Enjoy! You can find the other Peg’asi Sibling lists on Patreon.
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andromeda-six · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bash and ryona from @andromeda-six bcs. yeah 🏃
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andromeda-six · 25 days ago
The large, library doors are slightly ajar when I approach, a soft light glowing in a sliver from behind them. When I slip through the space he’s there, seated in a chair with his feet up on a table, a book held in his hands.
A small snicker escapes me at the sight. No one else would come here, not tonight. There’s something in his demeanor that makes my heart pick up speed, and when he looks up, my stomach tightens at the way his eyes glow so beautifully in the soft light. At the way his lips tilt ever so slowly into that sensuous smile I’d like to think he keeps only for me. “Princess…”
The Library | Vexx x f!Traveler (NSFW) Read the full story and more on Patreon!
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andromeda-six · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to Divinity’s Knight
Divinity’s Knight is an upcoming fantasy LGBT+ visual novel that allows you to romance any character, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Romance is also optional, and not required to enjoy this adventure!
Set in the medieval Kingdom of Eria, creatures of all kinds live side by side in harmony. When the resident elves, orcs, and other inhumans begin falling under the spell of an evil Tyrant’s mind-control, it seems that only humans are immune to the magic’s grasp. But when the curse is used to rage war, no one will be safe until the Tyrant is brought to justice.
You are a human, safe from the grasp of the curse, but one fateful night is all it takes to make you wonder just how safe you really are.
Recruit and party up with 6 unique, romanceable characters and journey to liberate the people of Eria!
Divinity’s Knight is currently in early stages of development. Updates on art, progress, & release dates will be posted soon! 
With love, Deli
Patreon | Ko-Fi 
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Tumblr media
(not sure why the answer didn’t show up for this before)
We really can’t give a number for that, it depends on different factors such as whether they’re travelling at regular or hyper speed, or if they’re even in a position where they can travel at their fastest speed.
The planets are basically in two clusters. Arcnos, Goldis, Tilaarin, Orion (and previously Kitalpha) are all fairly close to each other, so you could say similar to our System. Then you have Teranium, Cursa and Botulin which are further away in their own cluster.
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Hi! I just finished episode 5 (yeah i'm late haha) and i wanted to spread some love to you all, the creators of this wonderful game. I am completely OBSESSED with the backgrounds in episode 5, so much talent OMG. Also I have to say I totally fell in love with Vexx in this one haha, seeing him suffering so much about what happened made me want to hug him so bad! But I'll definitely try Bash route too. And all the routes, in fact^^. AND THAT CLIFFHANGER OMG WHY?! My heart stopped beating^^ Love ya
Thank you for stopping by! We have @sketchytea to thank for our backgrounds, you can check out more of her work on her page. Also Nika Romanov who created our prison background!
Unfortunately Vexx’s suffering isn’t over just yet, but we’re glad to hear your enjoying his story. We hope you will play Bash’s route too! His arc is starting next Episode, and it’ll be a chance to see a completely different side of him.
Thanks for playing! 
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andromeda-six · a month ago
couldn’t find this in the faq, but wanted to know how old june was when he left the lab? if that’s not too spoilery! thanks for making such an entertaining game, i’m completely obsessed <3
He was 16 when he left. And thanks, glad you’re enjoying it!
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Hello again. I have another question, though it may be hard to answer.
What does the fashion on Goldis and in the Royal Family look like? So far we have only seen Nerissas gown but is her style the same as the rest of the family?
Thank you and take care!
The members of the royal family all had different styles, some liked to dress more casual while others were more into high-fashion. For more details on the Peg’asi family specifically, you can check out Aeriie’s Patreon.
The fashion in Goldis ranges broadly depending on Districts and where one lives. Bronze and Silver Districts are working sectors, without much interest in fashion, while people in the Gold District are likely to take a greater interest in high-fashion, and for the bolder among them, avant garde designs. 
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Tumblr media
A cheeky Vexx from @andromeda-six
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Tumblr media
More casual outfit sneak peeks for Episode 6!
Damon and Vexx you’ve already seen, but we wanted to add them in for fun.
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Tumblr media
damon april fools reparations.png 🖤✨
Keep reading
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andromeda-six · a month ago
150 Patron Reward | Peg’asi Series
Fenris | Story 2/14
“Your Majesty,” a couple of ladies curtsey as I pass, and I slow my walk and stare at them curiously. Your Majesty? That title is reserved for my father and brother. For me, it’s always Your Highness. I frown at one of the ladies. Her eyes are red and puffy, as though she’s been crying. She looks away quickly. “Move, move!” A booming voice echoes off the marble walls, sending the courtiers scattering. My Uncle, Auberon, appears, shooing them all out of the way as he strides through the hall. When he stops in front of me he too bows low, and immediately I see it on his face. Something has happened. “Your Majesty,” he says tightly as he straightens himself up. “Fenris, there’s been an accident.” If I thought I was drunk earlier, I’m certainly not now. The world is swept out from beneath my feet in an instant, my head spinning as I sober. There’s only one reason why they’d all be calling me Your Majesty. One reason.
Read the full story on Patreon!
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Intimacy with the crew ❣️
Ayame ❣️ • She’s extremely big on hugs. Like a little spider-monkey, she’ll want them all the time.
Bash 💕 • Bash wants to take care of you. Nothing makes him happier than being able to cook you a meal, take you out somewhere fun and exciting,  or just make sure you’re feeling loved.
Calderon 💞 • The easiest way to tell if he cares about you is the chin tap. He barely knows he’s doing it, but it’s one of the ways he shows affection.
Damon 💘   • He’s not opposed to a little PDA. A favorite of his is pulling you down onto his lap, especially if he knows someone else has their eye on you.
June 💓 • Will let you steal the blankets from him.
Ryona 🌷 • She loves it when you play with her hair. Just running your fingers over her scalp, or even brushing or braiding it.
Vexx 🔥 • Enjoys spending time with you to the point where he’ll probably just move in without being asked.
Join me for more on Patreon! Unlock the Intimacy lists of all crew members on the Scribbles Tier ($3) ❤️
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andromeda-six · a month ago
The Mi’haden Family | Ryona
Today we're shining a spotlight on the Mi'haden family, comprised of Ryona's mother, father and two sisters.
Eldrid Mi'haden (he/him) - A stern but respected man, Eldrid has always expected his daughters to excel in whichever area they were guided to pursue. - Eldrid sits on the Council of Eons, and has much influence over the manner in which Tilaarin and its people are governed. Souzan Mi'haden (she/her) - Ryona's mother, Souzan, is the head of the largest medical research and care facility on Tilaarin, and is well respected by her peers. - Considered one of the most capable medics of her time, Souzan has often researched and employed out-of-the-box methods within her career, all to great success.
Nastasia Mi'haden (she/her) - As the eldest sister, Nastasia follows in the footsteps of her Father and trains towards her own seat on the Council of Eons. A sensible and reserved woman, Nastasia found little in common with her younger sisters growing up. Aith'ne Mi'haden (she/her) - The youngest of the Mi'haden sisters, Aith'ne, is a force to be reckoned with. Much to her parents disappointment, she has refused so far to plan for her future, and instead enjoys living in the moment.
After a falling out with her Father, Ryona chose to leave Tilaarin to join the Archangels, and has not returned since.
Tilaarin, being the largest planet in the Seleota System, and boasting an extensive population, is currently the biggest threat to Zovack's reign, and has his focus firmly drawn to it.
We share posts like this on our Patreon. Check out our page for more lore and character info!
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Thank you for recommending our game! We’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying it 😁
Andromeda Six
If life is wearing you out and you need a little break from the world, I might just have the starship to get you there (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
Andromeda Six is a sci-fi visual novel set in 3025. In this story, you wake up in a starship not remembering who you are and how you got there. Slowly, you get to know the crew and recover bits and pieces from your past, having to puzzle them together, remember who you are and make some tough choices in the process. 
Tumblr media
The game is being released in episodes, but the devs are pretty active! Currently, you can play chapters 1-5.
Customization (and therefore, immersion) is a big plus in this one! You can pick a name, prefered pronouns and a race to belong to in the beggining of the game. The species are briefly explained and you can choose the one that you find cooler or that suit you better.
Tumblr media
Did you notice the gills in the third one? That’s my favorite, Kitalphan, a species that can live both on land and water.
That’s right, call me adaptable.
Tumblr media
You can romance (or just befriend) any of the crewmates and they all have their own personalities and background, that you get to know slowly as you get close to them. 
Tumblr media
One thing that I really like about games with memory loss involved is that they usually manage to keep us on our toes. You’re always finding out more about yourself and every step is a discovery that may or may not get good reactions from the only people you’ve known to be trustworthy since you woke up. 
There’s also always the fear that you might have done something bad in the past and just be the bad guy all along…(⓿_⓿)
Those are fun emotions to have as a reader and A6 really uses them in a engaging way. The writters do know how to get and keep the reader’s attention.
Apart from that, I feel like being in a vulnerable spot like that is very favorable for romance, actually. 
When (and if) you choose to bond with someone romantically, they are there for you when you really need someone, and fortunately, you get to be there for them as well when they need you (if you choose so). There are some touching interactions and I might have teared up once or twice or three or four times.
As usual, my main LI doesn’t have the easiest personality to deal with lol 
Damon is a skilled assassin, very quick-witted, but with more than a few trust issues.
Tumblr media
To be fair, every character has quite a few layers, so it’s not like any of them is necessarily “easy to deal with”(I know I’m making excuses hihi (✿◡‿◡)).
But I mean…
Tumblr media
Anyways! I’d definitely recommend playing this game, especially if you’re a patient reader, since the chapters are still being released. it’s definitely worth the wait!
I’ll see you in the future!
[Disclaimer: all of the images used here can be found in-game or in the game’s official page, which you can visit by clicking its underlined name]
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Episode 6 | New Character #3
The third character you’ll meet in Episode 6 is Top Secret. We’re not going to be showing previews of them over on Patreon, you’ll have to wait until the episode release to meet them!
We can, however, show a sneak peek of their awesome outfit!
Tumblr media
There will be THREE new characters to meet in Episode 6. For more sneak peeks and to find out more about the other characters, join us on Patreon!
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andromeda-six · a month ago
Hi! Once again, thank you for your hard work! I love your game, definitely one of my favorite visual novels out there! :)
You've mentioned in one post that you'll be releasing Andromeda Six DLC with NSFW content in the future. I was wondering whether we'd be able to choose our gender in that DLC, just like in the main game? Like, will there be nsfw content for all genders?
Also, is there (or will there be) MxM content on patreon stories as well?
Thanks in advance!
Hi, thank you so much!
So yes, I think we can safely say now that our next planned DLC will be NSFW in nature, and we are planning on releasing it after Episode 7. And yes, you’ll absolutely be able to choose your gender! We want to make sure that there’s content in there for everyone.
So on our main Patreon we don’t post NSFW stories, as we don’t write them as canon, but our writers both have writing Patreons.
Aeriie’s is mostly A6 content, and has MxM stories available (there’s at least one MxM NSFW story per month).
Steph’s has a little A6 content but is mostly now focused on her IF, Ace of Spades, and also containts MxM content.
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