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Game termination
So I will keep this breif and say my thoughts (basically agree with a lot of the fan members posts - and don’t want to say what has been said - redundancy)
I am very sad to hear about the Jonah Scott VA is leaving. It was short lived but he did a great job. The voice actors are standing up for each other, and honestly it makes me happy they are doing that. 
BC of the MLQC might be terminated, I just wanted to say that a few days ago, one otome game that I am playing is going to be terminated the end of the year, and I’m really upset about that. Plus there is no more MIDNIGHT CINDERELLA UPDATES (I think its one of my first otomes I’ve played) and now hearing the news of the MLQC ‘drama’ is making everything worse. 
- BTW talking about princess closet. I have a soft spot for it. 😇
Let’s pray the MLQC stuff gets better, 🙏. I support the VA’s all the way. And I hope that Jonah is doing okay - in terms of the mlqc thing. Try to stay positive everyone. As I type this, I just found out like 30 min ago so yeah... I'm shocked and wanted to vent. 
Again, we’ll get through this.
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Which Butler-Sebastian do I prefer 🤔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Happy Birthday Theo
Because it is Theo’s birthday, and I absolutely love him to Death, I am going to share Theo here with all of you. 
This won’t happen to the other characters (esp. my least favorite lol), but Theo is one of my top favorites. 
Theo was the one that really drawn me to Ikemen Vampire.
TBH: even though they are all fictional, I did feel uncomfortable thinking i have to ‘date’ historical figures, especially figures that I heard of (since a very young age), but because I saw Theo, he has drawn me into the game. He was my bias for a short amount of time...
Theo is very close to my heart. His route was one of my favorites in the game so far. I love his love for Vincent, it’s so sweet.
But most of all....
I’d bark for him every time he calls me Hodje or just my name in general
- Theo - “Can you get me some syrup”
- Me - Bark bark. 
- King - *BARK BARK BARK BARK !!!!
So Theo in artbreeder wasn’t that hard to make. He, to me at least, was one of the most normal looking characters in the series, other than Vincent. He has a simple blue/yellow palette, as well as his red/orange hair. I don’t remember what came to mind of how I made him (my thoughts are vivid) because I made him about a month ago. Basically found a dude on artbreeder with short blonde hair, lightened up a bit, colored his hair reddish, then grew it. It wasn’t really hard, then did small little facial edits like face widths and stuff.
I imagine Theo as a mature looking man, but due to his personality, I limited that mature look, almost slightly boyish. Not quite tho. I think its because he teases us to death. But he still has that sadistic vibe from him. Whatever Theo is amazing and every time he appears I thank the Cybird gods for making him look like this.
There is a Vincent Van Gogh edit, so I will post that on Twitter. He doesn’t look like the Theo specifically I made, but I literally just press the up button to enhance Vincent’s style.
 --------------------------- PLEASE CYBIRD NOTICE MY ART ---------------------------
Tumblr media
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Sebastian uno meme
Tumblr media
Stop stalking us or draw 20 - all the vampire residents
Welcome to another one of Sebastian’s wife teasing fest.
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What... what MLQC BAD NEWS
Sooo.... so...   (( 👉👈 )) *shakes = trigger*
Legoshi is replacing Jack to be the next ‘Beastar’!???!!!! WHAT!!! WHAT??
🐕  Dog to Wolf???? 🐺
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
Hi everyone, so I have been thinking for a while, and wanted to give myself a time stamp to when I want to post.
So I created a new policy that if my previous (or before that) posts of artbreeder creations come out, I’ll post and create new ones. 
Policy: 20 or above likes = new artbreeder posts.
It’s fun posting, but creating these people take time and effort, so the likes give me a reason why to show it to people. 
Again, I create people from the Ikemen series (Vampire, Revolution, MidCin, Sengoku,) and other otome games I’m familiar with. 
Also if any of you have historical figure suggestions you want me to make, please let me know. (Don’t ask about the official ikemen characters tho. I will make them eventually🙂). 
EX: ask for :: George Washington, Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth Bathery etc.) I love suggestions from different cultures because I love learning about different cultures. 
I have made a few historical figures already, but won’t post them until my policy starts working. Discord friends are the only ones who have seen some of them. A few Ikemen Vampire characters have been made.
As Sebastian’s wife, I will be posting Sebas related things to promote him more bc he underrated (lets be honest here).  SEBASTIAN IS BEST HUBBY. 
- legit LOVE sebas, so be prepared for Sebas related post alot. Discord friends just send me random Sebas pics to make me happy so yeah. I’ll create a post soon about my love for HUBBY Sebas.
I am a promoter for underrated characters bc I love them more (honestly I do), like Sebas, Will, and Dazai. (unreleased don’t count.)
Thank you for liking the posts and artbreeder characters. They are fun to make. I try to make them as if they were to walk on this earth, but with the same characteristics of the game version. 
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
Charles Lindbergh
Tumblr media
I literally looked this dude up, my apologize for getting facts wrong or being brief. 
This man was a pilot in the early to mid 1900s. Became a pilot in his early 20s, succeeded in flying to Paris (a lot people died and were afraid to do so) keeping everything has light weight as possible and had a complicated flying mission to get there (sleeping, food, and the front window wasn’t really a front window at all). He wrote about his flight then invented a bunch of things and assisted new-coming pilots during WW2. Basically a very successful pilot and inventor that won awards and was called to do important jobs that effected the future in a positive way.
His son was kidnapped, and then his body was found. He only had 2 years of his life to live. 
Charles has a very accomplished life, but having to lose his son was tragic. I hope he gets more love, and we all gain more knowledge about him. He sounds like a cool dude.
Because I made an Ikemen ver. of him, I generally expect him to walk through the door (because we are living in the late 1800s - so my HC is that he walks through it like MC). He has a good life at Comte’s mansion. His life has been lived, but he is depressed about the son’s incident. WITH THE POWER OF MC’S LOVE, he will eventually heals and copes, but will never forget the horrific incident. The other residents will support him as best they can to make sure he has a good and healthy life.
(apologies for getting super dark - this is a fantasy ver again, just like all the other characters in the mansion.)
My design was a joke among my friends. I have no idea how it came about. One of them always posts pics of the sky, and someone eventually said SKY DADDY. My immediate thought was, I can make him on artbreeder (like how people animate soda into anime people) - so I did, and since my posts are Ikemen related I asks one of the friends to give me a pilot (Bc he looks like a cloud in the SKY) and made him Charles Lindbergh.
Thanks for your guys love for my ikemen gang.
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
As Sebastian’s wife - he still has a crush on napoleon.
here is how we see it
pls DO NOT REBLOG - i created this meme also
Tumblr media
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
Constanze Mozart - Ikemen Vampire (HC wife)
Here is Mozart’s wife Constanze.
I got inspired by the actress who played her in Amadeus. I thought she did amazing.
I may give her small edits to make it she is wearing a wig, but for now this is her and she is gorgeous. I think she is a young, mature women for Mozart before he died and became a vampire. 
This is the second wife (with irl canon personality) - i will be doing the suitors as well, I have another one done already. BC they aren’t in the ikemen universe or mentioned (they don’t get anything that fancy) unless u all want 1700s style of her with the wig and stuff (pls put in comments i have no idea how tumblr works lol - let alone comment on anything lol). I will be making girls (not the wives) that will be more creative, but they are my headcanons of certain people. 
I apologize that she looks like Josephine, many of the suitors wives are curly hair brunettes, but i try to make them distictive as possible. I use their portraits as references to create the beauties.
I hope u like her. Pls enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Ikemen Vampire
Here is Mozart.
I made him the same time as I did Napoleon, and his model was easy to find. I was on the trending page and found a guy with silver/grey hair and purple eyes. I was like “yup” this is Mozart.
Obviously, he does not have a beauty mark. Couldn’t find an option to do so, but the real Mozart doesn’t so it is fine with me. He looks gorgeous either way.
So it didn’t take me long to create this Mozart, it was actually quite simple.  My inspiration for obviously made him look like Ikemen Mozart but I added a small spin on him. He has bushy-like hair because I wanted it to resemble the wigs Europeans wore in the 1700s. I made his very pale to resemble the makeup that the French people wore because I liked the aesthetic (he lived in France a few times and can speak it). When I finished it he reminded me of the live action beauty and the beast - beast’s (Adam)’s makeup. Ikemen Mozart is kind of emo too so... He screams musician to me, meaning that’s a good sign I'm being a good job.
Lastly, I think Mozart looks like a natural born icon by the way he looks. He stood out amongst everyone with his talent at a VERY young age, so why not make him look like an ethereal being in artbreeder. 
I will be posting his wife, Constanze Mozart next so be ready.
Tumblr media
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
Empress Josephine
So these are just my headcounts of what their wives before the whole vampire thing. I like to belive they had married and stuff, but (no kids) because we do romance them. 
This is a fantasy game after all and we can have our imaginations run wild while playing. I like to think they don’t talk about their past lives (personal lives) much because they are uncomfortable with it. Plus the focus is on MC x Ikemen. I’d like to believe they have lives before. 
I don’t have any headcanon personality traits so I'm just going to expect she has the same one as the real Josephine.
Tumblr media
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
Napoleon Bonaparte - Ikemen Vampire
When I was making Napoleon, I had a few ideas in mind. I made him based off of his characteristics and a little bit of his looks.
In the story it is said he has Black hair, even though his avatar has bluish-ombre-white hair. I made his hair black with a hint of blue (but look closely to see)
Also Napoleon is a very chill man, so I didn’t make him this GOD handsome like figure, but just an ordinary, yet powerful-charismatic person. I gave him one tired-eye look because he is always sleeping (and possibly kissing Sebas and MC when being woken up)
I did merge him with the irl Napoleon, but obviously he is very distinct from the real one.
Because he was a military solider and emperor, I wanted him to look like he has been through stuff, but had enough time to relax and have a chill life. He kind of looks wise to me. Again charismatic.
I made his eyes a blue-green color, even though it is said to be emerald green.
I kind of made him a tad-bit modern because of his values and stuff. I liked it. I made him along with Mozart, so compared to Mozart (which I will upload later) Napoleon looks like a down grade 🤣.
Tumblr media
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
Le Comte / St Germain - Ikemen Vampire
Here is Le Comte - I made sure he is super gorgeous, golden and sad. lolol. Like my fav sprites is when he talks about how he loves MC, but she is with Leonardo or with someone else. I tried to make sure he is accurate to his sprite as well. 
He is a rich and formal man, so i made sure to add that aspect to.
Cybird knows how to make us happy. Then the company had to make him and guilt trip me every time I date another person.
If u do find on artbreeder - I had to flip him bc there was no right bang side 😂.
Tumblr media
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akihikosataou-only-wife · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made both Akihiko (Sebastian) and Sasuke on artbreeder. Both my biases in the game. Although Sebas is my overall ultimate Ikemen (otome) bias.
Sebastian was very hard to make, but I am happy with the results. I tried to stay true to the original source via appearance. Sebastian is known to be the ‘ordinary’ and some others say plain - human character, but I think he is equally gorgeous along with the vampires. He is unique and has cute facial features and it suits his stoic butler persona.
Sasuke was surprisingly shorter to do that it still shocks me. I found a random Japanese men, then mixed him with Eren Yeagers, then a man with glasses with this perfect hair style. He is like a mix of the anime version and stageplay version. (Sebas has a stageplay actor but there is barley any pics). To me, this Sasuke screams Sasuke from the game so I am very proud of it. Alot of discord friends said they love both of them.
This is my first post, i hope you guys like it. And if you love it, even better. 
- I have been in the Ikemen fandom for a few years now. My first game was Ikemen Revolution, but my fav games are Midnight Cinderella and Ikemen Vampire.
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